Love Waits A Lifetime.

*The Movellas Unity Project* Jason: 17, in love, dead. Talia: 16, single, alive. Jason died years ago but, his soul never left Earth. He wanders the planet, searching for his true love who disappeared shortly before his death. Talia is considered the odd girl in school,. She talks to walls, or that's what everyone thinks. Actually, Talia has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Talia finds Jason and agrees to help him search for his true love.


1. Prologue;

He pedaled hard, making his bike slide forward more and more. He pulled out his cellphone, dialing the number to his girlfriend. As the rings got longer and longer, he mumbled, "Gina, answer your damn phone."

When the line went to voice-mail, he slammed the phone shut, pedaling harder in the direction of Gina's house.

The next events happened very quickly. As he turned onto the street, a loud horn sounded and then, he was hit. His mind went fuzzy, hearing the muffled voices, asking if he was okay. He tried to answer but, his voice couldn't be found. The words of everyone became more mixed together and his mind was blurring.

The usually gray ground was now covered in his blood, New Yorkers surrounded his body, one screaming out that he would call the police. He could just faintly make out that people were talking. He couldn't see how many, his eyes hadn't opened since he was hit. The pain started to subside.

Suddenly, he felt almost happy. Fluffiness took over the pain as a white light grew.

Then, he slipped out of consciousness.

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