If You Only Knew

This story is about a girl who gets lost in the woods and meets a guy. Little does she know he isn't human. He slowly falls in love with her but tries to keep his true identity a secret. She falls for him and is clueless but starts getting suspicious. Well that's all I can say on the matter.


2. Him!

Bree's POV

My mom was drunk once again so I finally decided to leave. I packed a backpack and just left. I grabbed my surf board and just started walking. I had no clue if I was ever going back. I walked into the woods on the east side of town. It was dark so I decided just to find somewhere to sleep.....bad decision. I came to a small cave and I thought I was alone or that the cave was vacant. I walked in and saw what looked like a bed and some other furniture. I was confuse but I figured no one lived there. I was wrong! I saw a light and decided to walk towards it. I am clearly not the smartest person. I was hungry so I didn't see any wrong in it. I was hoping to find something useful and I really didn't. All I found was a storage room. I decided to travel further to see if anyone was there and I think I was wrong. There were clothes spread out all over the floor and what looked like a painting of me but I wasn't too sure. The painting confused me so I started cleaning who ever's house or home this was. I heard something fall and then I heard what sounded like someone swearing under their breath. I found a pocket knife on the table and started walking towards the sound. I don't know how I can skate because I can barely walk on two feet. I saw a rat run across the floor and when is startled me I dropped the knife and ended up cutting my hand. I thought I saw someone but before I could get a good look at the person I mysteriously fainted. I woke up about three or four hours later and saw I was on a bed but not the one I saw at first but a much bigger one and much nicer. This room was also a mess so I got up and decided to clean it. I turned on the person's radio and started blasting it. No sooner than I had turned it on someone came downstairs and told me it was too loud. I couldn't see him because he was wearing his hood which hid his face. "Why? It's not like you're the one cleaning." I am not the nicest person so I said what I wanted to. The reaction I got wasn't expected. I expected him to just groan and walk away. Well, instead he pushed me into a wall and said," No but this is my house and you have intruded." I wasn't sacred so I simply stated, "I was on the floor when I passed out so it had to have been you who moved me so I'm not really intruding if you brought me where now am I?" The anger in his face said it all. He knew I wasn't scared and he knew I wouldn't run so he just yelled. I didn't understand what he was saying so after he was finished yelling I ended up pulling his hood down to find he was extremely attractive but I didn't want to show it. I looked up into his eyes which were a very light blue, and breathed, "Well what do you want me to do?" He seemed shocked and I was going to use this to my advantage. I got closer to his face and he closed his eyes expecting a kiss but no, I bit his lip but that back-fired because he enjoyed it! I pulled away and he just looked at me and softly said, "You are such a tease. I hope you know that." Me being the person I am just pushed him away or well, tried to. He was incredibly strong and hot all at the same time. He was different. I wanted to get to know him better but something told me not to trust him. I went against that feeling and trusted him anyway. This could possibly have been my best decision yet.

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