Undercover (A 1D FanFiction)

19 Year Old Amelia Lewis,is an undercover agent. She has been called in for a big job,she has to go back to high school. Louis Tomlinson has been dealing new drugs called 'funsies' They are extremely dangerous and need to be taken immeditley. Will she cruise through,ignoring the boys bowing down to her or will she fall for the dealers green eyed friend?
Includes bad language.


3. Chapter 3;Undercover

"I'm Sandy? Oh,yay."

Harry walked up to me.

"Don't sound too excited! You were amazing babe"

I sighed and checked my phone.

'1 new message'


'Meet me on the roof lunch time.' -Unknown


Well...that's weird.

"Right it's nearly lunch now so pack away your stuff."

Oh god,who sent me that? My eyes scaned around the room and the group was looking directly at me and smiling. I shrugged my shoulders at them and started packing away.


Weird boys.




The bell went and everyone barged through the door,I casually walked out and looked both ways. Now where is the roof? I took the map out of my backpack and searched for the roof,ah there. I strutted through the hallways,feeling the glares on my back. Until I got to a door; 



Oh well,I swung the door open and made my way up.


"Ah,here she is."


I looked up and the boys were towering over me,all except Harry and the brown eyed,brown hair boy. 


"Me,Zayn and Niall have a little job for you."


A/N Sorry I haven't updated in ageeees and it's a boring,short chapter but things are going to get better!




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