Undercover (A 1D FanFiction)

19 Year Old Amelia Lewis,is an undercover agent. She has been called in for a big job,she has to go back to high school. Louis Tomlinson has been dealing new drugs called 'funsies' They are extremely dangerous and need to be taken immeditley. Will she cruise through,ignoring the boys bowing down to her or will she fall for the dealers green eyed friend?
Includes bad language.


2. Chapter 2;Undercover

Day 1. Survival of the boys.

I slowly made my way up to the school office,getting whistles from stupid boys because of the stupid skimpy outfit. Why would you wear a dress for cheer leading,stupid! My converse squeaked across the floor as I arrived in a dull blue room. Right what was my fake name again...


"Hi, Ashley Tresdale?"


That's it.


"Yes hi."


She pushed her red framed glasses up her fat button nose. 


"Here is your schedule,cheer leading is lunchtimes."


I took the piece of paper and started walking, period one,Drama. Where's drama?! I walked through a hallway which seemed to be a maths corridor,I heard laughing from the other end. I looked up,Mr Louis Tomlinson and his gang.


"Well,who do we have here?"


A blue eyed blonde haired boy said to me.

"Names Ashley,call me ash. Where's drama?"


A boy with curly hair and green eyes stood in front of me,my god he's gorgeous. 


No falling in love 'Ashley.'


"We're actually going there now aren't we boys,we could show you."


We started walking the way I just came. I was in the front and turned around to face them. Oh my god.


"Please boys. Don't stare at my ass."


They burst out laughing as we came to a big studio room. Louis opened the door and we all walked in. I sat next to Louis and the green eyed boy.


"Can I just say you got a banging body."


Louis whispered in my ear,ugh disgusting. I looked at him and he was licking his lips,ugh.


"No,you can't."


He laughed and turned to the stage,


"Ms Tresdale,welcome. Would you like to come up here?"


I shook my head vigarously, she beconed me down and I sighed. I stumbled out of my chair and down the steps.


"We're having auditions for Grease,would you like to audition?"


OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Fangirl over,my favourite musical! Oh my god.


"Sure,can I audition for Sandy?"


She nodded.


"Mr Styles here,is our Danny."


Harry winked at me and my cheeks began to boil,stop! I'm not falling in love,i'm not falling in love okay?!


Oh god.


I'm falling in love.






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