Undercover (A 1D FanFiction)

19 Year Old Amelia Lewis,is an undercover agent. She has been called in for a big job,she has to go back to high school. Louis Tomlinson has been dealing new drugs called 'funsies' They are extremely dangerous and need to be taken immeditley. Will she cruise through,ignoring the boys bowing down to her or will she fall for the dealers green eyed friend?
Includes bad language.


1. Chapter 1;Undercover

"Ms.Lewis,Please sit down."

I sat down in the chair opposite him and crossed my leg.

"I have chosen you for the job. You start on monday."

I had a mini party in my head and stood up,I brushed my clothes and looked at him.

"Thankyou very much sir,I'll do you proud."

"Wait ms,your not done yet. I haven't told you what you need to do."

I sat back down into my original position and took a breath. 

"You need to become one of the populars.."

"But I can't! I was a nerd in schoo-"

"Amelia. You need to be one of the cool people to find the dealer and get the stock. Seeing as you have done gymnastics,you will be a cheerleader. You must climb your way up the popular ladder to get close to the dealer's close friend,Harry Styles."

Yay. I love cheerleading(!)

"The rules are;do NOT fall in love and do NOT get expelled. Do you understand?"

I nodded and stood up,he handed me a crimson cheerleader outfit.

"Good luck."

A/N Longer next chapter. Hope you enjoyed.

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