There is one boy. Justin. And one girl. Megan. Justin and Megan have been together for five years now and have plans to marry each other. But what happens when Justin needs to go to a trip, and maybe never will come back? This is a story about how love never dies before you found something that can destroy it so easily. Like when there is water on fire.


2. Out for fishing

*Justin's POV*

I was waiting outside my little ship, checking Twitter fast waiting Meg to come. I saw a tweet: ''You're so sexay! You should click on my follow button so we maybe could hang out sometime! xoxo'' I just smirked and kept scrolling down when I heared Megan's voice screaming out my name. I looked up and saw a running Megan. I opened my armes to each side to show her I wanted a big hug. She slowed down and and came to my arms wrapping her arms around my neck surprising me with a gentle kiss. I pulled away and looked at her. 

Justin: ''Finally you're here beautiful!'' i said waiting her to reply.

Megan:''I missed you so much Justin! Now let's go fishing! Today i want a really big fish.''

Justin:'' Well, okay.'' i said and kissed her cheek, took her hand and led her to the ship.


Megan: ''Do you want something to drink babe?'' 

Justin: ''A coke would be fine, thanks Meg''

*Megan's POV'

I got to the 1st floor to get me and Justin drinks. I found a coke and a fanta, grabbed them and pored it in two glasses and put some ice in our drinks. I was on my way up when i heard Justin's phone buzz. I put down the drinks and took his phone and saw a notification from Twitter. '' @sexaymama said: Come on hottie!  I know you want me!'' I  glared at the phone and threw it on the bed. What the hell was that? Was Justin chatting with a random girl on Twitter? Oh, god please tell me that was just a stupid attentionwhore! Justin can't do something like this to me! Can he? 

 Anyways i grabbed our drinks and got to the 2nd floor, out the drinks on the little table and saw Justin's back was turned to me. I tip toed from back and put my hands on each of his eyes.

Megan: ''Guess who?''

Justin: Hmm, Meredith? Claire? Sarah? Candice? Allison? Madison? Ella?

Megan: ''MEGAN! IT'S MEGAN OKAY!'' I said and  tried pushed him off the ship but the pole received him. 

Justin: ''Megan! Babe it was a joke! I love you and ONLY you!'' 

Megan: ''Justin. I-I  know..''

Justin: ''Know what?''

Megan: ''That you're secretly dating other girls online''

Justin: ''What are you talking about? Megan, i would never..'' 

Megan: ''Justin maybe we should broke up...''





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