There is one boy. Justin. And one girl. Megan. Justin and Megan have been together for five years now and have plans to marry each other. But what happens when Justin needs to go to a trip, and maybe never will come back? This is a story about how love never dies before you found something that can destroy it so easily. Like when there is water on fire.


3. A joke

*Justin's POV*
What was she talking about? Break up? Now?
Justin: No no no no no no! Megan I love you and I've never dated anyone at the same time I've dated you! Please believe me! I mean, you have to! Look, I don't even know what you're taking about but I don't know what I've done! Just...
Megan: Then what is this? She said as she showed me my phone and it was a tweet from that mystery dumb attentionwhore. Oh, god!
Justin: Megan! She's just a random girl who just wants attention and now it looks like she gets! Look, you really have to believe me. Meg, you're my everything girl.. We can't break up now?
Megan: Okay but, I just need time. To think. Sorry Justin but I'm leaving.
Justin: You aren't going anywhere...
Megan: Well, too bad. So sad! Bye. She said and turned around then turned back to me again.
Megan: Umm, maybe that wasn't a good idea..
Justin: That was the point I wanted to come to, Megan. We're on a ship, which is on the water.
Megan: I'm sorry okay? Really! She said and ran downstairs crying.
I ran after her and stopped her.
Justin: I'm sorry baby. I love you my Barbie.. I said and hug her so hard cuz I didn't want to let her go. Ever.
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