There is one boy. Justin. And one girl. Megan. Justin and Megan have been together for five years now and have plans to marry each other. But what happens when Justin needs to go to a trip, and maybe never will come back? This is a story about how love never dies before you found something that can destroy it so easily. Like when there is water on fire.


1. I love her/him


*Justin's POV*

Me and Megan have dated for  more than five years now. Maybe you think, ''Five years, that's a very long time. A break up will happen between them any minute'' But no, we love each other like the first day we were a pair. Yes, sometimes we do argue and fight but every couple do  that!  Right? I mean, there are no perfect relationships. The funny thing is that we always figh about so stupid things. Why there is no fresh food, or why are not the clothes clean? It was my/your turn! But we always end up with a hug or a kiss or two. 

 Megan. She's perfect for me. I've always said that. The way her blond hair  falls perfectly on her sun kissed shoulders. How her blue eyes shine when it's dark. Her perfect shaped lips. Not just her body and face. Her personality. She's so kind, and if she could. She would've helped everyone in this earth who actually need help. 

 Anyway, enough talked about my baby, i have a meeting with Megan. We will meet at my ship and go for fishing today. We wanted to do it so bad since the fishing season is here. So i got up from bed, took a shower and changed to a pair of loose jeans and a loose white shirt that i could just take off if it's too hot. Then i took my keys and started walk to my ship so i could meet up with Megan.


*Megan's POV*

Me and Justin have been dating for more than five years now.  Justin is the best person ever, he is always so protective and caring but he have those flirting sides. But he tells me everyday that i'm his girl, and his my.  If i say how much i love him on a scale from one to ten. I would probably say 8 or 9. I love Justin, he's a very good guy but.. I always feel like he is only using me. For my body, or to just have fun. I really don't know but everytime i tell  him about marriage he just rolls eyes and tells me ''Please not agin, Meg'' And i feel like im always the one who shuts up and keeps moving on. I really hope he will realize that that is annoying. But we have promised each other to not cheat, and always try hard on our relationship even when it's on it's way to break.  But one of the positive things is, we have a little place. But  it's a secret.  We always sleep there at the weekends. And that's the best part of a week. For me.

Anyway, i woke up from my daydream and got up from my bed to take a shower. I got out from the shower and put on a jean-jumpsuit and black flats. Me and Justin have a meeting today. We will meet at his ship and go out for fishing today. How fun is not that?! So i grabbed my purse, phone and walked out and got on my bike to meet up with Justin.

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