beneath your beautiful

Annabel is a very sensative girl who would never put images of herself on facebook. she was ashamed of all the spots on her face. But things begun to change when a friendly boy called reagan came along.


2. no image's of me ;(

"Never put images of me" on she just replied. She thought he would stop asking but he didn’t. He kept saying he was desperate to see what she looks like. Annabel would never put pictures of herself on face book. As she thought she was to ugly to have images on never mind how much her friends convinced her she was beautiful and gorgeous she just wouldn’t listen to them. She had a few tiny spots on her face not a lot really everyone else thought. Her long brown hair flowed to her waist in long waves sometimes curls like today. She was naturally beautiful and skinny. Reagan was saying there is nothing wrong with having spots on your face it a part of people's life everyone gets them even if people don t get them as teens they will get more when they are a young adult or a adult. You need to see beneath you beautiful. Never forget that never mind what people say you are beautiful in your own way. Not only concentrate on your appearance It’s what inside that count’s. Never let anyone bring you down. If they do just stand back up and fight strongly for yourself and others.




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