beneath your beautiful

Annabel is a very sensative girl who would never put images of herself on facebook. she was ashamed of all the spots on her face. But things begun to change when a friendly boy called reagan came along.


1. seem's friendly

Annabel logged onto the face book account and after the screens brightness reflected in her eyes making her squeeze her eyes shut then opening them again. She noticed a tiny message in the corner, opens the face book message. It was from an unknown, strange man called Reagan. It said 'Hi Annabel." Annabel thought to herself for a second. Well he’s only being friendly. So she sent one back slowly wondering whether if she should delete it now and ignore the message but she sent one anyway saying 'Hi who is this if you don’t mind me asking?" Reagan replied in a matter of seconds saying "Hello i am just looking for new friends and a new start and you looked ok." Annabel wanted to be Reagan's friend as well because Annabel knew what it was like having no friends at one point she had some but she hardly got to see them. As the chat got more talkative Reagan kept asking constantly about why she never had any photos on her face book page.


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