Nobody Compares

"I thought you died..." I whispered, barely believing what I'm witnessing. Tears formed in his eyes, "I-It's me babe, I swear." I came close to him and touched his chest, pushing him back, "How could you lie to me?" I almost shouted, salty tears already streaming down my rosey cheeks. "It was all a misunderstanding!" He cried out, defending himself. "Oh boo-hoo. You must not know how many nights I cried myself to sleep. How many nights I wish I could go back to that day, You left me during a tramatic time, I can never forgive you. I'm sorry." I sighed and stumbled backwards, running as fast as I could. Away from him, away from Harry Styles.


3. T W O

It was literally freezing outside, dark, and snowing. 

I finally found Louis' house and there was no music playing or lights on, but everyone's car was parked outside. I hopped out of my Ferrari and walked quickly to the door. I knocked. Then knocked again. And again. And again, when someone finally answered. It was Zayn. "Uh, Hey Melanie." He smiled awkwardly with a Nerf gun in his hand. I looked at it and raised my eyebrow, "Is Harry here?" I asked, standing on my toes trying to look behind him. I looked down at Zayn, "Annnnnd, why are you only in a towel?" I blushed, staring at his toned abs and v-lines. Water was dripping from his quiff to his chest furiously.

"The boys took my clothes and I slipped in the pool and they are hiding from me so I need to find them while being shot at with darts." He said a bit to quickly. 

I nodded, "Okay then, but I really need to talk to Harry." 

Zayn sighed, nodded, and walked into the house after inviting me in. I sat down on the white leather couch in front of the warm fireplace, patiently waiting. I felt something hit the back of my head. "Ouch!" I yelped and hopped up, turned around, and saw Louis and Niall with their hands over their mouths, staring right at me. I saw a spare Nerf gun on the ground and smirked, before picking it up. I shot right at Louis' chest then shot Niall's leg. They fell to the ground while cracking up and I grinned; ear to ear. 

And before I knew it, We got into a full-fledged Nerf war. And I don't think any of us were sopping until at least one of the three was dead. "Surrender now Melanie!" Louis screeched before almost shooting me in the neck. 

"Never!" I laughed back.  Then, in almost a second, I felt a sharp sting in my eye causing' me to fall back. I could hear Louis and Niall gasp and they ran over to me. "Mel? What happened?" Louis asked. "Umm.." Niall began and Louis glared at him, "What did you do?"   Niall opened his mouth, "It was an accident! I hit her in the eye with a bullet, I didn't mean too!" Niall stuttered. 

"Ugh, Mel? Where does it hurt?" Louis asked, trying to remove my hand from my eye. "Her eye you idiot." Niall mumbled. 

"I know Niall." Louis said, focusing on me. 

I whimpered as Louis helped me up. "Sorry Melanie.." Niall whispered. I smiled at him, "It's fine. Do you have like- an ice pack or something?" I asked. 

I sat on the couch and tried to open my eye, slowly at a time. "There you guys are!" I heard Harry's husky voice exclaim. 

"What happened?" Harry asked, walking closer. 

I guess that's the right question, because I'm not even sure of what happened today. 

"I got shot in the eye," I smiled weakly. I saw Harry narrow his eyes down at Louis & Niall who were sitting on opposite sides of me.  "It was Niall!" Louis squeaked, pointing on Niall's direction. 

Niall looked shocked causing us all to laugh, "Oh but Harry, I need to talk to you.." I sighed. Harry nodded and stuck his hand out, which I declined the kind offer and got up myself. Harry lead me down the hall into a different room then this afternoon. The bed was white and navy blue, the walls were painted a dark blue, wooded floor, and a picture frame with no picture in it, and a couple pieces of furniture. 

He sat down on the edge of the bed and padded the spot next to him. I slowly walked next to him, and sat down. Harry's arm snaked around my waist causing my breath to hitch in my throat. 

"Do I make you nervous?" Harry chuckled lowly in my ear. I could feel my cheeks become hot as Harry slowly kissed my temple. "What do you want to talk about?" Harry asked, as he moved away from my face. "I broke up with Liam." I sighed, closing my eyes as tears fell. "W-wh-what?!" Harry exclaimed. He looked at me and saw me slightly sobbing. Harry took me in his arms and cradled me, "He's not worth your tears." 

"He thought we had sex in here, a-and slapped me." I mumbled into Harry's chest. His breathing stopped. 

"He hit you?" Harry's voice became louder. 

I nodded as Harry stood up, "Don't do anything Harry please." I begged, standing on the bed on my knees. I still wasn't the same exact height as Harry, about up to his cheek. Harry stared at me, his eyes two shades darker than they were five-minutes ago. "Please Harry, for me?" I pleaded more tears coming out, "I don't want to be the cause of this band failing," My voice breaking slightly. 

He sighed for a minute, "Yeah. But if he does anything else, tell me alright?" Harry smiled and kissed my hair. 

I let out a breath of relief. I stood up next to Harry and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. We walked out together and I bumped into someone. I huffed and looked up, "Sorry." 

It was Liam. 

"Oh how did I know you would come crawling for this douche bag!" Liam yelled sarcastically. 

"Says the man that would hit a woman!" I shouted back and Liam's face went blank. 

Zayn, Louis, and Niall were standing behind him, and everything went pin-quiet. 

I removed Harry's arm from me and pushed my way through and exited Louis' house. 



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