Nobody Compares

"I thought you died..." I whispered, barely believing what I'm witnessing. Tears formed in his eyes, "I-It's me babe, I swear." I came close to him and touched his chest, pushing him back, "How could you lie to me?" I almost shouted, salty tears already streaming down my rosey cheeks. "It was all a misunderstanding!" He cried out, defending himself. "Oh boo-hoo. You must not know how many nights I cried myself to sleep. How many nights I wish I could go back to that day, You left me during a tramatic time, I can never forgive you. I'm sorry." I sighed and stumbled backwards, running as fast as I could. Away from him, away from Harry Styles.


8. S E V E N

I woke up to the bright ray of sunshine streaming through the curtains and in a good mood. I smiled and turned around, as hard as I could since Harry had his arms wrapped tightly around me. I faced towards him looking at his angelic face.

He had light bags under his eyes, his mouth partly open, his bandage coming off a bit, and his hair in a crazy mess. In a way, I find this a bit of a turn-on. I kissed his cheek while stroking his hair which cause him to shift a bit. His mossy green eyes opened slowly and one at a time before his eyes focused on me. He smiled and pecked my neck, "Good morning beautiful." His hot breath breathed on my neck. I began to hear him snore again and I rubbed his back for a little before I felt liquid dripping on my neck. 

I tried to push Harry off of me, which he wouldn't budge. "Harry.. Harry.. Harold!" I quietly yelled. 

"What?" He asked, still laying on my shoulder. "I think your nose is bleeding on me." I said and that's when Harry sat up, grabbing his nose. 

I sat up not short after him and felt my neck, bringing my fingers into focus and seeing fresh blood. "Oh my gosh Mel, I'm so sorry!" Harry apologized with a shock look on his face. 

I smiled at his adorableness, "It's fine. Let's clean you up." and I grabbed his other hand, leading us to the bathroom. 

I flicked on the light as Harry sat on the sink. I took a tissue, got it wet and dabbed his nose, soaking up the blood. I grabbed a new bandage and wrapped it on his nose, kissing the band-aid after. "Breakfast?" I asked as Harry hopped off the bathroom counter. He nodded and we walked out to the kitchen. I peeked in the living room and saw Louis sleeping on the couch snoring with MTV playing on the T.V. 

I stepped into the kitchen where Harry was looking through the cabinets. "Are you and Liam still friends?" I asked while Harry began turning the stove on. He looked at me, "Of course, it's only a girl.." he mumbled, making the pancake mix. 

"Some girl?" I asked, a little bit offended. 

Harry froze and turned, beginning to walk towards me. "Not just some girl. A girl, with a great personality, a beautiful face, and a sexy body. And also, she's my girl.." He mumbled as his mouth came down to my neck, as he began sucking and I could literally feel a hickey begin to form. 

I put my arms around his neck as he proceeded to suck, lick, and kiss my neck. I moaned into his hair as I could feel heat coming off of both of our bodies and the sexual tension began to build. "Harry.." I breathed quietly into his ear, causing him to suck a bit more harder. 

He picked me up by my thighs, grinding himself against me as he hummed against my neck. 

"H-Harry, lets go to your room.." I sighed, feeling great relief and stress was leaving my body. 

He nodded, still leaning against my neck and walked up to his room, locking the door as he hungrily threw me on his bed. His hands explored my body, going under my shirt and rubbing my stomach as he shoved his fearless lips onto mine. Our tongues played and danced with each other. 

"You look gorgeous in this t-shirt, but it would look better off of you." He whispered in my ear, taking his shirt off of my body with his teeth. He slowly took it off, his bottom lip feeling my stomach as he did it causing my breath to hitch in my throat.  "Oh c'mon Harry." I moaned, ripping the shirt off of me. He laughed against my collarbone and licked all over me. I realized I didn't have a bra on, which kinda brought out my insecurities. 

He took off my sweatpants until we were both completely bare. He took his two fingers, pressing them half way inside me and pulling them out slowly. "Are you teasing me Styles?" I scolded. He nodded as he smirked at me. 

"I need you inside me." I whispered suductivley into his hair as he gulped. 

He took three fingers this time, and pumped in and out vigarously. I could feel an orgasm coming as Harry took his free hand, covering my mouth so I don't moan to loud. I kept biting my lip to not yell out of pleasure. "H-Harry.." I kept moaning. 

"Say my name." He breathed, still pumping, rough this time. 

"Harry!" I almost yelled.  

"Are you ready?" He asked tenderly, getting into position. I nodded, still biting my lip. 

Harry breathed for a second and then began, beginning slow and steady. He picked me up, pushing me against the wall, still moving cautiously. 

"Harry, keep with the pace." I mumbled against his ear. 

He began quickening and faster until it felt like the wall was gonna bust. My mouth stayed slightly open as I kept leaving love bites all over Harry to keep myself from moaning loudly, since the boys were still asleep. 

After about ten minutes of that. Harry began to slow down, both of us breathing heavy and losing our breath. 

He brought me back over to the bed and wrapped us in the comforter. "You're amazing." He laughed into my ear, kissing my cheek. 

I smiled at him and rubbed my hand on my neck when I felt a little bump on it. "Harry! Look what you did!" I whisper-yelled, referring to the giant hickey forming on my neck. 

"Now guys know you're mine and only mine." And cuddled me closer. 

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