Nobody Compares

"I thought you died..." I whispered, barely believing what I'm witnessing. Tears formed in his eyes, "I-It's me babe, I swear." I came close to him and touched his chest, pushing him back, "How could you lie to me?" I almost shouted, salty tears already streaming down my rosey cheeks. "It was all a misunderstanding!" He cried out, defending himself. "Oh boo-hoo. You must not know how many nights I cried myself to sleep. How many nights I wish I could go back to that day, You left me during a tramatic time, I can never forgive you. I'm sorry." I sighed and stumbled backwards, running as fast as I could. Away from him, away from Harry Styles.


1. Prologue.

I kissed him.

I ran my fingers through his dark curls and ran my toungue along his pink lips, leaving a trail of my territory. No one was aloud to come here, except me. His big hands rubbed against my bum as he moaned softly in my mouth. This boy, is my ruin, and I need him now and more than ever.

I pulled away from a regretful second and looked into his emerald eyes. He stared into my pearl-blue eyes and licked his lips, "You're gorgeous."  and pulled a loose strand of dark brown hair out of my eyes. My cheeks flustered pink and I looked at the wooden floor we were standing on. He grabbed my chin and forced myself to look at his face, "Don't look down, you're stunning." He whispered and gave me a quick peck on my glossed lips. He let go of my waist and turned around, heading towards our bedroom. "Don't gooo!" I stammered and stomped my feet like a 5-year-old. "I have work, babe." he chuckled and disappeared in our room. I sighed and looked at my Fossil watch that laid on my tanned wrist, 12:19 P.M. I have to get ready for a photo shoot anyway.

I cursed under my breath and jogged into our lit up room. I tore through my closet and finally settled on a tight old t-shirt, shorts that complimented my long, tanned, legs, and white toms. I slipped my Iphone into my back pocket and walked into the bathroom. Harry was standing in front of the mirror, shirt-less, lost in his thoughts. I hugged him from behind and rested my head on his shoulder. He looked at me in the reflection of the dusty mirror and smiled. "Well hello there." he cheekily giggled and turned around. "I love you." I sang and puckered my lips out, waiting for his plump ones to interact with mine. He shoved his fearless lips onto my pink ones and smiled against them. "I love you too." He whispered against my lips. His hand slowly went down the back of my shorts and grabbed my bum slightly. I grabbed his wrist and pulled out of my pants, "Good-bye Harold." I smirked and kissed his cheek sloppily.

"Uhhhh." He groaned and took his hand and wiped it. "Bye Mel." I turned on my heels, grabbed the car keys off the nightstand, and walked out of our house, smelling the crisp scent of summer.

I clicked the unlock button and sat down in my dark blue Volvo and drove off to my photoshoot office.


I've been driving for thirty minutes when my phone rings- Harry.<33

"Hello?" I ask as I answer the phone and lay it on my shoulder as I continue to drive. "Hello is this Miss Britton?" An unfamiliar voice answered. "Yes ma'am. Who am I speaking to?" I  question as I come to a complete stop from the red light. "Dr. Clyde. You are on Harry's ICE contact, is this his wife?" The womans voice asks again. "Girlfriend," I correct her, "What happned Dr.Clyde?" I sigh, becoming worried.

"Right, Harry seems to have come into a car accident. As of this moment- this is not easy Miss Britton- but as of this moment, Harry is dead."

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