Nobody Compares

"I thought you died..." I whispered, barely believing what I'm witnessing. Tears formed in his eyes, "I-It's me babe, I swear." I came close to him and touched his chest, pushing him back, "How could you lie to me?" I almost shouted, salty tears already streaming down my rosey cheeks. "It was all a misunderstanding!" He cried out, defending himself. "Oh boo-hoo. You must not know how many nights I cried myself to sleep. How many nights I wish I could go back to that day, You left me during a tramatic time, I can never forgive you. I'm sorry." I sighed and stumbled backwards, running as fast as I could. Away from him, away from Harry Styles.


2. O N E

"Liam, stop!" I giggled aloud. 

"Not until you come with me!" He smiled as his hands still scrunched at my stomach. 

"Okay! Okay! I'll go." I sighed & Liam's lips curved into a winning grin. 

"We meet again in 45 minutes. You should get dressed darling." Liam whispered in my ear before he pecked my lips and headed in our bedroom. 

I nodded and sat up on the couch, shoveling a hand through my thick, dark brown hair. Liam Payne, my boyfriend of almost a year, is in a very popular band named One Direction. I have never listened to their album or watched their videos, I'm not sure why, but tonight I'm going to actually meet them. In person. I stood up and skipped to Liam' and I's room and went in my walk-in closet. "Where are we going babe?" I shouted as he was in the bathroom. "Erm, to see my band?" he replied. 

"I know Liam, like where though?" I asked, again. 

"Oh!" He smiled at me, "Just to Louis house. Where something casual, yet nice at the same time." and disappeared in the bathroom. 

Something casual, yet nice. Hmm. 

I tapped on my chin as I looked all around my closet. "There we go!" I whispered to myself as I grabbed the outfit laying folded on the shelf. I stripped down and slipped the clothes on my curvy body. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. I was wearing low-rise skinny jeans, a tight-navy blue Adidas sweatshirt, and black Toms. I walked over the the bathroom and stood next to Liam and applied make-up on my face. I was actually pretty paler than normal because it was winter. I put in my contacts, put a light brown color on my eyelids, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I grabbed my phone off the charger and walked out of the bathroom. "Are you ready?" Liam asked, as he walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing jeans, black Nikes', and a black Jack Willis sweatshirt. "Yeah." I replied and stood up. His hand slipped into mine as we walked out of our house to the white Audi R8 V10. 

*   *   *   * 

We finally arrived at Louis' mansion. I stepped out of the car into the cold, foggy air as I could hear the faint sound of music playing. Liam stepped out and walked over to me as he snaked his arm around my petite waist. A little bit of my stomach was showing and my lower back was completely exposed. 

Liam looked at me, he must have noticed how nervous I was. "Don't worry babe, they're really welcoming. Yet crazy." He smirked and kissed my cheek as we walked up the brick steps to the house. Liam knocked pretty loudly and the door soon swung open, revealing a blonde haired-blue eyed boy. "Liam!" He exclaimed in a very thick Irish accent. "And?" He asked, looking over to me. I could feel my cheeks become hot, "Melanie." And shook his hand. "Come on in!" He smiled and opened the door wider as Liam and I followed behind him. The music became louder, but I could still hear other people talking. 

"Boys!" Liam called. And the three boys in the kitchen shot their heads towards Liam. "Come meet my girlfriend!" 

They all came over and once I finally could see a better picture of them. My eyes widened as my blue eyes met with his emerald eyes. His mouth gaped open as he stared back at me. "Excuse me." I cleared my throat and left the room down the hallway. I could hear footsteps behind me, "Mel?" only one person called me Mel. I looked behind me, "You lied to me Harry." and I could literally feel my heart break as tears formed in my eyes. 

"I-I only did it to protect you.." Harry barely whispered as his voice cracked. I shook my head and stepped in a random bedroom as Harry, once again, followed me. He grabbed my wrists but I yanked them away. 

"I can't believe you would do this to me!" I shouted at him, as the tears fell from my already glassy eyes. 

"Oh, you have no idea why I did this did you?" His eyes became a shade darker as he slowly walked towards me. His lips met mine as we shared a sweet slow kiss. He then lifted up his shirt causing me to gasp, he revealed a scar trailing from his waist to his belly button. "Th-they were gonna hurt you babe. I loved you too much." Tears fell from his green eyes. I cautiously wiped his tears away before pulling him into to tight hug. "I-" before I was interrupted. 

"Kiss me." Harry hesitantly whispered. 

I looked at his lips and back towards his eyes. My brain flashed an image of Liam, oh screw it. I leaned in and smashed my lips against his. Harry pushed me on the bed, not seperating our lips, as his hands snaked all around my body. My hands played with his curls. About ten minutes passed; and I could hear the door knob rattiling. "Melanie?" I could hear Liam's familiar voice. I gasped and pushed Harry off me. "Yes?" I answered, sniffling. 

"Are you done?" Liam asked in a annoyed tone. I looked over to Harry who looked back at me with the same expression. Worried. 

"Yeah, yeah. Give me a second." I sighed. 

I slipped on my sweatshirt that somehow got on the floor and I combed my hair. My make-up didn't smear, which I was surprised at and my hair wasn't too bad. I walked out, Harry following me and I gulped. 

Liam looked at me and for once, I think he was angry at me. "C'mon Melanie, let's go." Liam glared at Harry before grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. It was raining. Liam turned on the car as I stepped inside. 

"What did you and Harry do?" Liam asked in a sarcastic voice. "You guys weren't having sex or anything! Boy what a shocker!" Liam's voice got louder. 

"Of course not! We had to settle things out!" I shouted back. He wanted to be loud, so can I. 

We arrived at our house and walked inside in silence. "Crap. I forgot my phone." I huffed. 

"Oh! Go back to Louis' house to 'get your phone' and finish your 'talk with Harry!" Liam rolled his eyes. 

"Liam! We fucking weren't doing anything!" I screamed before I felt a sting to my cheek. I fell to the ground and looked up at Liam who had a shocked look on his face. "Oh my God Mel, I didn't mean too." Liam's eyes softned as he tried to help me up. 

I pushed him away, "Stop." I grabbed me car keys and walked towards the door. "I think we need a break." and walked out with that. 

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