Nobody Compares

"I thought you died..." I whispered, barely believing what I'm witnessing. Tears formed in his eyes, "I-It's me babe, I swear." I came close to him and touched his chest, pushing him back, "How could you lie to me?" I almost shouted, salty tears already streaming down my rosey cheeks. "It was all a misunderstanding!" He cried out, defending himself. "Oh boo-hoo. You must not know how many nights I cried myself to sleep. How many nights I wish I could go back to that day, You left me during a tramatic time, I can never forgive you. I'm sorry." I sighed and stumbled backwards, running as fast as I could. Away from him, away from Harry Styles.


5. F O U R

Harry's P.O.V. ; 

"No Louis, I did not have sex with Melanie." I sighed, rolling my eyes. 

"Well, Liam's at my house crying his eyes out. Can he at least talk to her or see her again? Oh, and what happened between the two?" 

"Liam hit Mel." I said unemotionally. 

"He what?!" Louis yelled, I cringed a bit. 

"Yeah, I'll go see if Mel will talk to him." I mumbled, walked inside to see Melanie sleeping on the couch. I smiled before putting the phone up to my ear, "She's sleeping Louis, maybe tomorrow. Good night, I'll be there soon." and hung up. I walked over to her and picked her up, leading her towards the bedroom. I set her down, kissed her forehead, and went into the living room. 

I tidied up a bit and turned off the television. I stepped inside the room and took my jeans off. I slipped into bed next to her and pulled her in closer to me, Melanie cuddled into the crook of my neck. 

I finally fell asleep myself. 

Melanie's P.O.V. ; 

I woke up wrapped in Harry's arms. I could feel Harry shift a bit before is emerald eyes opened slowly. He looked at me and smirked, "Good morning gorgeous." Before pressing his lips to mine.

Why does this feel so wrong, yet so right? 

"Good morning handsome." I giggled and pressed my lips to his. I pulled away and we looked at each other in silence, before my stomach let out this awkward loud growl. Harry began laughing into a fit of hysterics while I could feel my cheeks fluster. 

"Don't be embaressed baby." Harry giggled, pulling me out of bed. "Pack your things! And give me the key, We're going to my flat!" 

"Okay." I yawned, not really caring. I stepped out of bed and went into my shopping bags. I put on a Iris & Ink Fine-knit cashmere grey sweater, Hudson skinny jeans, and Top-Sider Sperry's. 

"You should change in front of me more often." Harry chuckled. 

"Harry.." I whined.     "You look beautiful in that outfit." He smiled, kissing my cheek. 

"I already turned in your key, lets just pack these bags." He picked up the shopping bags and headed out to the parking lot. I grabbed my purse and quickly pulled my curly brown hair into a pony tail. 


About 45-minutes later ; 

We pulled up to the building where Harry's apartment was. We stepped out of my Ferrari and walked inside. Only to be greeted by a blonde-lady in a very revealing and tight uniform. "Hello Mr.Styles. Long time no see, eh?" 

Harry nodded at her, "Hello Michelle." 

"This must be your girlfriend?" She smiled at me. 

Harry & Michelle both looked at me waiting for my answer. 

"Oh, actually, We're just friends." I half-smiled and Harrys face dropped a little bit. 

"That's how they start right?" She giggled and went to answer a phone call. I let out a breath and Harry wrapped his arm around my waist. 

We walked towards the elevator and once it opened, Harry pressed the top floor as it slowly descended up. 

"So we aren't dating?" Harry asked, quietly. 

"Harry, You know I would love to date you. But Liam would hate you and me, in plus, I recently got out of a relationship. But if I'm looking for a boyfriend, I know who to come to." I smiled, hugging him by the neck. He just nodded and hugged me back. 

Eventually the elevator doors open and Harry unlocked his apartment door and walked in. Without touching the light switch, the light flicked on showing us Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. 

"Oh dear.." I mumbled. 

"Hello." I smiled weakly before setting my Coach purse down on the kitchen counter. 

I got different tones of "Hello" 's 

"Can I talk to you?" I heard Liams faint voice whisper. I nodded and bit my lower lip, following him. I looked at Harry who had his lips sealed and fists clenched. I looked at him carefully before Liam pulled me into a room. 

"So.." I whispered awkwardly, but before I could say anything else, his lips met mine in a very slow action. I pushed him off immediately, "What the hell?!" I shouted. 

"I-I'm sorry." Liam mumbled, his brown eyes becoming glazed over. "I told you, we're over." I whispered going in for a hug. Liam pushed me hard against the wall causing me to wince softly. He picked up his arm and slid everything off the nightstand. 

"I can't believe you fell for that douche bag." Liam shouted angrily. Tears were falling from both of our eyes.  

"He's not a douche, you are!" I pushed him away from me but Liam grabbed my wrists. 

"Don't call me that again." He threatened, I've never seen this side of him and it's really scaring me. 

"I hate you, and don't touch me." I growled trying to break my wrist free and the pain was agonizing. 

"Please, Mel. I love you." His eyes softened and so did his grip on me. 

I finally broke my wrist free and opened the door, "No." and walked out. 

I was about half way down the hallway when I heard a loud crash.


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