A Faerie Tale: Ice-Cream


4. Ruddy 'Ell

The centre of Chelsea was a mess. The debris from the Ruddy Dumplings was still littered all over the street; the bewildered people were still bewildered, but were now as far away from the restaurant’s ruined remains as they could get: not very far given that the police officers, who had cordoned off the area, were currently questioning all witnesses. Thankfully there were very few injuries – not surprising given that the blast had occurred in the middle of the night – but there were still a few ambulances alongside the police cars for those that had been injured; the worst was a man who had been hit on the head by a frying pan.

Currently resting its tired tires behind one of the barriers was a bright yellow Reliant Regal Supervan which has somehow made it there without tipping over once. Bill got out the car and raced over to one of the officers standing by the barrier. “Was that… was that the Ruddy Dumplings?” he asked fearing the answer which he knew was coming.

“Yeah mate, ’fraid so,” said the one of them in what Bill figured was the weirdest accent ever. “Can’t for the life of me figure out how it ’appened like. Just got bored I guess, of being in one piece, so decided to explode that way it’d be in lots o’ pieces. You should ’ear tho’ what dose idiots over dere think: dey think it was tiny creatures what done it; exploded the rest’rant you know, but that’s not the best bit. Dey think dose little things did it just so’s dey could get some o’dat ice-cream. What a bunch o’ loonies!” The officer broke down into a fit of laughter; the others backed away from him slowly.

“Yeah mate: takes one to know one.” Bill said glumly then walked despondently back to car where Ben was waiting. He was half way there when the officer’s words finally sunk in: tiny creatures. His head shot up; he spun round on the spot and looked directly at the place where the Ruddy Dumplings had once stood proudly.

Something moved in the rubble.

Bill saw it and ran, ran as fast as he could; past the shocked officers; over the barrier and straight towards the movement. Ben saw him; jumped out the car; tried to chase after him. Some of the officers grabbed him; pinned him down. Two others pushed past the barrier; ran after Bill. Ben kicked the officers off him; chased after the other two. Bill looked where he’d seen the movement; saw something hidden under a brick; picked it up. The officers had nearly reached him; Ben tried to catch them; felt something hit his back; went down. Bill looked at the object in his hand; his eyes widened. The officers reached out to grab him.

The world went black.

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