One love

Katie is in love with her boyfriend of 2 years...until she goes on a school trip and realizes all she has may not be what she needs.


1. A perfect start

I woke up early that morning to get my bags ready for the weekend. I had been waiting all year for that trip, and I was determined to make it perfect. I checked my phone for any messages and sure enough my bestfriend, Reece, texted me a forever long message in all caps about how rediculously excited she was. I made my way downstairs where my mom met me and gave me a goodmorning hug and said ," Today is the big day Katie!" " I know mom.," I said with a grin, and sat down at the table to eat breakfast. I was so nervous i could barely eat! I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I turned the water on hot and waited for it to heat up, when it was hot i slipped in and, like always, began singing the song I'd soon be singing on the biggest stage in Tennessee! Just in the middle of the chorus, my sister, Annie, barged in and told me to shut up. "No!", I said, and began singing again. The time came around for me to leave. My step dad packed my oversized bag out to the car, I said my goodbyes to my mom and sisters and wemade the short ride to school to catch the bus. When i walked into the auditorium Reece was waiting with an empty seat for me to take. We waited patiently for each of our classmates to arrive one-by-one. When thay were completely accounted for, we had to wait for our sponsor to showup and give directions. Mr. Wilson came in and told us what was going on. " In about ten minutes we will get on the bus, after we arrive at the hotel each of you has your own schedule. Katie, your dress is waiting for you in the delta ballroon. You'll need to check in with Mrs. Debby and Neviah to get ready. We have a room for you to keep your things until tonight. The rest of us will go to the mall across the street until our rooms are ready. Now, whose ready to get this trip started?!" The whole group started clapping and cheering. We were all excited. He called our names out in backwards alphabetical order so i was first since my last name is York. I ran to the bus so i could get to the back and save seats for all my friends. Reece, Neviah, Charlie, JohnAllen, Mattie, and Mason all filed in to the saved seats. While we were on the road, Johnallen and Charlie made jokes about how scary it would be for me to get up and sing in front of 2,000 people! They went through every possible scenerio of the worst things that could happen. " Maybe you'll get so nervous that you'll trip in your heels and faceplant off the stage onto an unexpecting victim." said Johnallen. "Of course she won't., said Mason. She will do amazinfg just like she always does." I smiled at his remark because i know he means it. Mason has been there for me ever since 6th grade when we "dated" . He was my bestfriend until he met his girlfriend, Maria, and she deemed it inappropriate for me to be seen in public with him. He means the world to me and I would do anything to get him back as my best friend. I just have one problem. My boyfriend doesn't deem it appropriate either. We arrive right on time at the hotel and Neviah and I walk up to the room and hectically get ready . I squeeze into my red ball gown and get my hair curled to perfection. We slip my shoes on and we walk out the door. I got stopped 4 times by little girls who decide i am a princess and need their moms to get a picture with me. We finally reach the ballroom and i get to try out for the showcase. "You did amazing! Everyone thought you did perfect!' screamed Reece. We walked out the huge double doors in the back of the room decorated with mirrors and images of the sky. We stepped outside and Mason was waiting. He asked if we could talke. Nervously, I agreed and we walked to the garden. We had just reached the opening where the waterfall meets the delta river when he said," Katie, i miss you so much. I haven't stopped thinking about you since i met Maria." He grabbed my hand and i looked down at it. Our eyes met and i saw his beautiful emerald green eyes for the first time in 4 months. I couldn,t help but jump in his arms and wrap mine around his neck. I think this could finally be a beginning for us. We just have to keep it to oursleves.

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