Savannah moves to California thinking that Brooklyn was still her best friend. Brook think she better when savy goes to California Brooke is popular?! Savy falls in love an sage bond brookes boyfriend will everthing start to change bettween brook and savvy?
To find out what happens you need to read.


1. Who is that girl

Chapter one
Who is that girl
"Oh my god mom dad are you serous because if your not it not funny"
Said Savannah
"Savannah if course were serous why would be joking about this" said Mrs.Reed
"Wow this is to good to be TURE"
"Will honney it is ture"
"Wow we're moving to California I mean how"
" will your dad was ask to work there that can get your dad a bigger per motion"
"Wow when do we leave"
"Will we have house as soon as we pack"
Savannah rember "mom dad I can finally see Brooky"
Savannah rember how she was talking to Brooke savannah want to her room and started to pack.
��WEEK LATER!!!!!!!!��
The Reed family finally move to there new house. Savannah mom said "savvy come on I'm giving you a ride to school"
So when Savannah got to the school she saw it and told her mom " wow it look bigger in person then the picture"
Savannah couldn't believe she was in that school and she thought *is this going to be different then homeschooling*
Savannah started to walk in and 3 boys saw her and one of them said "nice glass" and the other boys started to laugh. Savannah walk to the office and the lady told her "hello love how may I help"

"Umm I new here"
"Oh are you Savannah Reed"
The lady had 3 pices of paper and gave it to her. Savannah started to walk and a kid on a skate board ran into her and made he drop everything. Then a girl came up to her and help her up and ask her " hi are you new here"
"Yeah you right away tell I am a new girl"
"My name is Anglia you can call Ang but don't call me angle I hate that" so savvy and Anglia became really good friends.
Anglia told should her the lockers and there was a girl standing on a locker and waving to Anglia. " will savvy this is your locker and that my friend Genny"
Oh thanks and before Savannah could ask we're wa Brooke Genny said "incoming Barbie dolls"
Savvy look lost and ask "who are the Barbie dolls"
Genny answer "savvy they are the most popular girls in school "
Anglia said " don't look at them or be forever scard"
"Here comes the queen of the Barbie dolls Brooke Halles"
Savannah said " did you say Brooklyn"
Both Anglia and Genny ask"Brooklyn we now he as Brooke"
"Yeah she is like my BFFL"
Then savvy saw a boy and ask " oh who that"
Genny said " ahh I knew that was coming that sage bond the football captain. But don't worry he is taken"
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