Zombies For My Valintine (OneDirectionFanFiction)

The world is ending.
Three months into the war between the living and the dead, and Max Lupa is clearly the one to lead the humans to victory. Armed with nothing but some guns and her nine friends (Five of them being ONE DIRECTION) Max must help find a way to save humanity.
But when Louis (who Max DEFINITLY has feelings for) gets bitten, she has to choose between saving hundreds, or saving the one she loves.
Thats alot of pressure for an 18 year old.


1. Three Months In *Prolog*


Febuary 13, 2013




"MAX! BEHIND YOU!" Harry yelled. I turned to see one of them practiaclly on top of me. I quickly but three bullets into it.

I scrambled over to where Niall and Harry stood back to back, and i placed my shoulders on theres so we covered more angles.

"Thanks man" I told harry

"Anytime" he replied

The three of us circled slowely, shooting at anything that got too close to us. When the fimialr roar of the helicopter came i almost died. The wind wipped my long brown hair around as i looked up to see Angel dropping the rope ladder down on us.

"Max, you go up first" Niall yelled over the wour of the chopper

"Yah!" Harry agreed "Cover us from above!"

I nodded, knowing it was best. I put my assult rifle on my back and grabbed my simiautomatic hand gun. I climbed with one hand and shot the zombies with the other.

Niall was the second one up. The climbed fastly behind me. It was only Harry on the ground. Niall was tryng to help him with his hand gun, but the undead were closing in quickly around Hazza. If I didnt get up there-and fast-Harry would be zombie food. I stepped up the pace.

I swung up into the back and sat myself behind the sniper riffle. Looking through the scopes I begun to shot anything that looked like it wanted Harry for lunch.

"Harry!" I screamed at him "Get your ass up here! Hurry!"

Niall was now sitting beside me at another sniper. Thank God that boy can shoot. Harry grabbed ahold of the rope ladder and the chopper took off. Harry climbed the ladder as the helicopter climbed into the air. Soon he was at the top and Niall and I heaved him in, 10,000 feet above the LA streets.

"Thanks" Harry said breathing heavily

"Anytime Styles" I told him with a fist bump. "Anytime"

We sat sifting through the supliese we had gathered silently for about five minutes, morning the lose of a close friend, before my radio went off

"Max?" Addys worried voice came through "Are you guys there?"

"Yah were here" I said into the reciver

"Did everyone make it out?" she asked

"Addy..." I sighed

"No. Not Harry" she said frantically on the other end "Please do NOT tell me that they got Harry"

"Im right here love" he told her from behind me "And im coming back for you, dont worrry. I love you"

"I love you too Harry" she responded "And if they didnt get Harry then who did they get?"

"They got Josh" I whispered

"Oh my God..." Addy whimpered "What are we going to tell Lucy?"

"I dont know" I admitted

"Max...his parents died in the first wave. He was raising his three younger sisters. And Max, Lucy's pregnant."

"She is?" i asked

"Yah. Max, what the hell happened?"

"Josh was covering our retreat from the wearhouse. We thought we shot them all but one managed to slip under our radar. The stupid thing jumped out from no where and bit him. Josh yelled at us to shoot him, and when i told him that we could save him he told me that there wouldnt be enough time. It was a pretty bad bite. He...he...he shot himself."

"Oh my God..." i could hear Addy about to cry.

"We all the suplies though" I told her. "And we found the antidote."

"Well you might want to get over here quickly" Addy told me

"What? Why?" i asked

"Max...Louis got bit"

My entire world crashed down around me. Louis? Bit? What the hell? This could not be happening. Louis and I wernt together, but I do have strong feelings for him. The fact that he could be dead before i could tell him how i felt, that he could be dead before sunrise...God. It killed me.

"Where?" I whispered.

"His hand" Addy replied. I breathed a slight breath of releaf. His hand. We could fix this.

"Tie the infected area off like your going to give him an amputation" I instructed "Make sure that virus doesnt spread. We'll be there by midnight"

"Max" Angel told me "We cant make it by-"

"MIDNIGHT" cut her off. Angel sighed then but the chopper into the fastest setting. We WILL be there.

I layed down and slept the rest of the way to Hawii.


23.58 HOURS

Febuary 13, 2013



The chopper landed. I jumped out and ran to the medical center.

"Where is he?" I asked frantically

"Max you cant go in there!" Lilly told me grabbing ahold of my arm as i tried to go through a biohazard door

"Louis in there, isnt he?" I asked

"Yes but you cant go in!" She said "The virus cold be air born!"

"I just fought through all of the infected in East LA!" I yelled at her "If it was airborn then i would have it already. Im going in"

"Listen to Lilly, Max" Liam said

I looked at them. They dont know. They have eachother so they dont know what its like to have...feelings for someone, and not be able to tell them. They dont know what its like to have said person laying on a table about to have his soul tinted. They. Dont. Know.

"Lilly" I lowered my voice to a bearly audiable whisper "What if it was Liam in there? What if you had the antidote and you could save Liam, but Louis and I tried to stop you?"

Lilly looked at me with pain in her brown eyes

"I can give you five minutes at the most" she said "You have five minutes to get the antidote into him before i have to take it from you to give to the women and children."

"Thank you Lilly" I said before hugging her. Then i ran inside.

When I walked in Louis was sitting up awake on his phone. Stupid boy's been infected and he's playing Angry Birds.

"So you might die and yet your using your phone?" I asked

"Max" he said looking up with a smile on his face "what are you doing here?"

It pained me to see what the bite had done to him. His entire left arm up to the elbow was blacksh bluesh, like it was one giant bruse. His eyes didnt hold the liveleness that they always did. Instead they were half dead.

It killed me to think that I might be to late to save him.

"I brought you something" i said loading the medicine into the syrange

"No Max" he said, his eyes wide

"Yes Louis" I told him

"Max. No" he stood firm "Other people need that more then me"

"Well i dont lo-" I cut off "Just suck it up and take the stupid fucking antidote like a man"

Louis placed his hand on mine "Thats the point! No real man would take this before the women and children got it"

"Shut the hell up Louis" I said "You are getting this first if i have to hit you until you pass out before hand"

"Max. Please dont do this. Please"

I walked over to Louis "This is going to hurt a little bit" I said. Then i shoved the needle into the crook of his arm. He yelped a bit. I squeezed the trigger until the small cartrage was empty.

Louis sat in pain for the next minute and a half, screaming at me to just kill him. I stood in the corner bitting my lip depating weather it would be worth it or not.

When his screaming ended i walked over and saw that the bruses were gone and the dead look in his eyes had dissipeared .

"Goddamn" he muttered looking at himself "It worked."

He looked up at me "IT WORKED!" he excalimed.

Louis jumped out of the chair and ran over to me, trapping me into a hug. We stood there and hugged for a few minutes.

"Its Valintines Day" he muttered looking over at the calander. then he looked back at me smiling "Hey Max, will you be my Valintine?"

"Hell yes" i smiled

Louis leaned in.

I thought it was to kiss me.

But he didnt.

He bit me.


Dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn PLOT TWIST: he still might have the Virus inside him!

Ok so i know its too late to enter the comptitation (probally) but i still would like readers! So please tell me what you think!

NinjaDuck, OUT!


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