Irresistable Moments

5 boys who have known each other since birth. 5 girls who are college suitemates. Little do they know their paths are about to cross, and their lives are about to change.


8. Roxy meets Liam

Roxy's POV

"C'mon Maraih, jusy feel the music!" I shouted to Mariah, trying to get her to dance.

"I'm trying! You're a much better dancer than me, you know that!" she shouted back.

I give up! I just let her be and started dancing by myself. This song was amazing! Good beats, the singer was really good, and it just felt right.

"Nice pants you got there," some girl randomly said to be.

"Thanks," I said bluntly, not really caring if she meant it or not.

"I was being sarcastic," she shot back.

"As if I care." Gosh this girl was getting on my nerves. I just kept dancing, and she kept on giving me dirty looks and stuff. What is her problem?

After the song was over, a new one came on. A little more techno-ish than the last one. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the guy from outside starting to walk towards me.

"Hi," he said when he approached me.

"Hi yourself," I replied back.

"You seem lonely dancing alone. May I join you?" he asked. That smile of his just made me weak. Woah, cool it Roxy, he's just a guy. But a cute one at that.

"Sure," I replied, flashing him a toothy smile.

Suddenly that girl who gave me crap for my leggings walked up to him. "You wanna dance?" she asked

"No I'm fine thank you," I replied, knowing she wasn't talking to me.

"I wasnt talking to you," she snarled at me. She looked towards the guy.

He thought for a moment. "Um, no." he replied just as blunt as me.

She gave me a dirty look and with that she was gone. Finally.

"She was giving you a hard time wasn't she?" he asked.

"Nothing I couldn't handle," I replied confidantely.

"I'm sure," he smiled. "So, what's your name?" he shouted. The music was getting louder.


"Well hi Roxy, I'm Liam."

We both smiled and began to dance to the music.

"By the way, I love your leggings," Liam whispered in my ear.

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