Irresistable Moments

5 boys who have known each other since birth. 5 girls who are college suitemates. Little do they know their paths are about to cross, and their lives are about to change.


3. Leia's POV

Mariah came out of her room looking absolutely stunning in her dress. Gosh, I'm so jealous. Doesn't she know how beautiful she is? she just needs someone to break her out of her shell. Me, on the other hand, I don't need any breaking out. I'm pretty out there as it is. But I'm not looking to impress anyone tonight, just have fun with my girls. I slipped on my white and blue vans, and put my grey beanie on my head. I looked at myself on the mirror outside the bathroom door. Hannah was still inside so for now I had to stay outside. I'd say I looked alright.

"Leia, you're not gonna wear a dress or anything?" asked Roxy, staring at my outfit.

"You know I don't really wear dresses Roxy. Besides, leggings are more comfortable," I relpied, putting on a small amount of mascara, just to show off my blue eyes. "You know i could've easily worn some shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes," I laughed, becuase it's true. I'm the athlete of the bunch, a die-hard soccer player. I'm planning on trying out for a local soccer team here in Oxford, something to keep me busy at least.

"And thank god you didn't!" shouted Hannah from the bathroom, still.

"Hannah you're just as bad as Roxy, you know," I said, peeking through the door.

She glared at me, and I couldn't help but start laughing.

"Hannah, you are too sweet to glare at someone," I said to her.

'Whatever," she said, going back to putting on the finishing touches of her make-up.

"Hey, are we ready to go yet?" asked Alex standing by the door.

"Yea, lets go!" I replied, grabbing my phone off the table and joining Alex by the door.

One we were all outside we started walking towards the city. It wasn't a long walk. It's so beautiful outside, the sun is about to set, and it was the perfect temperature. Perfect time to play a good soccer game if you ask me.

We were walking for what seemed like forever, until Hannah pointed to a club-like place.

"We should try there!" she exclaimed. And everyone agreed. Roxy seemed a little hesitant though.



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