Irresistable Moments

5 boys who have known each other since birth. 5 girls who are college suitemates. Little do they know their paths are about to cross, and their lives are about to change.


21. Leia and Louis' Date

"Louis Tomlinson! Get your butt out here!" I shouted at Louis. Little Mr.Princess is taking forever getting everything ready. He picked me up and drove me to the local arena, where he plays and practices. It was HUGE! And perfect to play in. Louis finally emerged, right as some music came on.

"You ready to play?" he asked, dancing to the music.

Vegas Girl, by Conor Maynard. Why this song? Oh, well. "I was born ready," I told him.

As we were warming up, he was singing along to the music, dancing funny, and motioning towards me to dance too.

"You're making me lose my focus!" I shouted at him.

"Good!" he shouted right back.

"You ready to start shooting?" I asked him.

"Oh yes! Let's go Princess Leia!" he said, dribbling over to one of the goals.

This song must've been on reply because it kept playing over and over. It was a good song, but still, I wanted to change it.

"What position do you play  Leia?" asked Louis.

"Forward. But recently my coach put me in as goalie," I told him.

"Well, let's see how good your goalie skills are. Get in the goal!" he ordered.

I just rolled my eyes, put my gloves on, and got into the goal. I was a bit nervous, I'll admit. I've never seen Louis play, so I have no idea what his strategies are.

"Let's see how good you are at blocking one of Louis the Tomo-Tomlinson's penalty kicks," he said, winking at me.

I simply winked back and got ready to block. I remember what my coach kept telling me when he put me in as goalie: they always aim for the upper and lower corners, watch their feet, not their eyes, and if I do block it, to get right back up because of the rebound. I just looked at Louis and waited until he was ready to kick. He stepped back, then took a couple steps forward and kicked the ball. He aimed towards the upper-right corner. I jumped up and reached as high as I could. I tipped the ball and it flew out behind the goal. I fell down and looked over at Louis, who had a suprised look on his face.

"Damn. That was a amazing," he said, as he came over to help me up.

"That was one hell of a kick," I told him, gasping for air. It was a hard fall.

"You know, you should try out for the local team here. They're having try-outs in about 2 weeks. I can get you all the info if you'd like," he offered.

"Yea, that would be awesome! Thank you Louis," I said, flashing him a smile.

"No problem, love. Now enough talking, let's play," he said running to grab the ball.

I followed him, and we started playing a sort of one-on-one game. We were stealing the ball, trying to make it into the goal. He was really good! He had great foot work. At one point we got tied up at the side-line. I was trying to steal the ball from him, and he kept pushing me off. My foot got caught in his and we both fell. Of corse, I landed on top of him.

"Ow!" he said, laughing at me.

"Sorry," I said, smiling at him.

He just looked at me with those pretty eyes of his. He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, and without thinking, I leaned down and kissed him. His lips felt so soft against mine. When we pulled away, we just looked at each other.

"S-sorry," I said looking away. He then rolled me over so that he was on top now. He pinned my arms so they were right by my head. I was helpless.

"Don't be," and with that, he leaned down and kissed me passionately. I tried to move my hands, so I could reach up and run my fingers through his hair, but he wouldn't let me. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and we just layed there, kissing on the soft grass.


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