Irresistable Moments

5 boys who have known each other since birth. 5 girls who are college suitemates. Little do they know their paths are about to cross, and their lives are about to change.


15. Hannah's POV

"Ok, try this," I told Niall. We were able to talk our way into the kitchen to meet the chef. He even let me cook a few things! I was in heaven.

Niall took a bite of my next creation, thought for a little, and looked at me and smiled.

"Well?" I asked.

"Amazing! That's really good Hannah!" exclaimed Niall.

"You really think so?" I asked him. He nodded because he was stuffing his face with the food I made him.

"You're in love with food Niall," I laughed at him.

"Don't hate," he said once his mouth was empty. I laughed even harder.

"So tell me more about yourself Hannah," Niall said.

"What do you want to know?" I asked him. I already told him I was going to Oxford, studying buisness so I can open my own restaurant one day.

"Why do you like to cook so much?" he asked.

This wasn't gonna be easy. "My dad used to cook for me and my mom when I was little. I would always help him and he would always find me in the kitchen whenever I was bored. And after he passed away, I took hisp lace as the chef. My mom was so proud of me. I was 6 when he died, so I've been cooking ever since."

"I'm sorry about your dad Hannah. How'd he die? If you don't mind me asking."

"Cancer. Leukemia, specifically. My grandpa had it too. Doing this makes me happy, and I think I'm making him happy and proud too," I told Niall.

"I think so too," he agreed.

"Wow this is really good! Did you make this?" the chef asked. I guess he came over while I was talking with Niall.

"Yea, I did," I answered him.

"This is amazing! How would you like to work here? One of our chefs just left, so were looking for another one. What do you say?" he asked.

I looked over to Niall, who just smiled and nodded. "I accept! Thank you so much!" I told the chef, shaking his hand.

"Alright, so come in tomorrow night and we'll show you around," he said. And with that, he left.

I was in complete shock. I don't even remember Niall jumping on me and giving me a huge hug. "Congratulations Hannah!" he shouted.

"Thank you Niall," I said hugging him back. God, he was so freaking cute!

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