Irresistable Moments

5 boys who have known each other since birth. 5 girls who are college suitemates. Little do they know their paths are about to cross, and their lives are about to change.


24. Hannah and Niall's Date

"Niall, you just ate like two hours ago!" I shouted. He was complaining that he was going to starve to death, even though we just ate!

"Yea, but that was two hours ago! It's a long time for me!" he said, looking over at me. He was driving me to work after we had spent the afternoon together. We had a nice lunch and he just drove me around the city.

"Oh, Nialler. And you're going to order dinner too?" I asked him.

"Of course! I need to have you cook for me, because you are an amazing cook," he smiled at me. That smile of his was just amazing.

"Thank you for today Niall, it was really amazing," I told him, patting his knee.

"You are more than welcome Hannah," he told me, putting his free hand on top of mine.

We drove for a little bit more until we reached the my new workplace. It was just as crowded and busy as it was when we went there. We walked in, after telling the guard that I was their new chef, and found my manager. I guess I should call him that now.

"Hi, Hannah right? I'm Mark, the owner" he said, reaching out his hand.

"Hi Mark. Thank you so much again for offering me the job," I smile at him. He was young...he looked about 20-something. Tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, a little muscular. Kinda cute too. But he was my boss so I had no feelings for him.

"No problem. Why don't yu wash up and then I'll show you around," he said and then walked off.

"I'm gonna go sit down by the bar, I'll see you after yea?" said Niall.

"Yea, you will," I told him, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I walked off and washed up and got ready.

Mark showed me around the kitchen. He showed me where everything is, who the other chef's were, the basics of the place.

"Alright, well I think you're ready Hannah. Mario is here if you have any questions. Have fun tonight!" Mark said as he patted my shoulder and walked off.

I started cooking. It was really fast paced which I wasn't used to. I was working really hard, but I was having fun. By the end of the night I was tired, but I had a little something up my sleeve. I texted Niall and told him to wait at one of the booths for me. He said he would. I cooked a bunch of stuff for me and him to eat, becuase I know he was starving, even though he already ate.

I came out with the plates of food and Niall's eyes lit up.

"Oh my god, you made that!" he shouted.

"Yes, for us. I know you were hungry and probably bored waiting for me. So this is my way of thanking you," I told him.

"No, I wasn't bored. I would wait for you Hannah, no matter where you were," he said, smiling that sweet Niall smile. He was so amazing. I feel like I can tell him anything, and that's what I needed in my life.

"You're so sweet Niall. I feel like I can tell you anything," I told him.

"I'm glad you can," he said as he scooted his chair closer to mine, "I want to be here for you. Whatever you need, I'll be there. Just call, text, whatever. I'll be there," he finished, looking deep into my eyes. His eyes were so blue it was mesmerizing.

He then leaned in close to me. My stomach did a triple back flip. He then put his soft lips over mine and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back just as equally. I really like him. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair, he out his hands on my waist.

He oulled back just a bit, "You know, the food is gonna get cold."

I just laughed and went back to kissing my Niall.

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