That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


6. Work.

They boys left late last night. Me and El both had work to day , which by the way I'm dreading. It was sunny out side so I put on my black denom shorts and a button up fashion blouse with black toms. I pulled my blondeish brownish hair in to a pony tail and grabbed my bag . "El babe you ready?" I asked fom out side her door.

"Yep!" She said popping her P. She ripped out the door and throw me the car keys.I had a comfertable. My Dad's rich. A millionaire actully and every now and then he will send me money. He loves me I know he does but he's just to busy to see me. "Come on then, I'll dop you off on the way" I smiled at her. We left and got the life down to the parking lot.


"Cara, I'm so sorry about how I acted the other day, Please forgive me!" Dave begged as I walked in the studio.

"I'll forgive but I won't forget." I said stubonly. He understood .

"Anyway we have a job to do."I sat in my chair and started the show."This is Radio 3 and I'm your host Cara,"

"And I'm Dave" Dave had to butt in.

"Yes ,well, We are going to answer some Twitter and Facebook questions. So, heres the first one from@Louis_Tomlison. Surprises there." I laughed shlightly ."Do you  love Niall Cara Baltimore? Well since you're asking Louis . Yes I , Cara May  Baltimore am deeply in love with Niall James Horan!" I laughed as I said this.

"Um right the next one is from @Real_Liam_Payne Can you say that again? " Dave read that out and got angry.


"DAVE!"HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? UM we will be back after this new song by Rhianna , Stay" I hit the butten to play the song. Ae boss walked in as I hit the butten.

"Dave you are fired and I want you out and I want you out NOW!"He screamed . Dave just laughed.

"Aw well shame. I really enjoyed working with a whore." He smiled evilly at me before leaving.

"Cara ,I will get you a neew co. host but I will call in Jerry and Gwen to take over .Go home and rest !" He smiled at me.My boss is my Dads best friend so he alwways try to please me.

"Thanks!" I picked up my bag and left . Just as I did a very angry Niall stormed up to me.


"Niall , cam down. Please , he lost his job" I said this words and he relaxed .

"Good, Guess what?"

What Niall?"

" I LOVE CARA MAY BALTIMORE!" He screamed and I laughed at him.


"i LOVE YOU CARROTS!" Me and Niall both spun round to find Louis behind eatting carrots. We just laughat him . God these boys' are amazing.

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