That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


11. Tour

"Well good morning , have fun last night?!" El asked sarcastically. 

"We weren't that loud....were we?" Niall spent the night and lets just say it was a night worth spent.

"No you guys weren't it just that squeaky floor board!" I giggled at El, "Hey , where is Niallar ?"

"He went to pack" Was all i said El and me are going on tour with the boys until they leave the country.

"Eleanor , Cara time to go are you ready?" It was Paul, I looked at El who looked back at me and we laughed. Ready? we had been sat on are suitcase's for 2 hours."Yeah we are ready!" I said and flew open the door, And of course the boys where out side the door .

"Let us get your bags.."Harry said poshly.

"And let us, get you" Louis said and Him and Niall picked us up bridal style and carried us down to the bus out side.

"You girls ready?" Zayn asked. I was about to nod but felt like I was going to be sick. I jumped out of Niall's arms and ran to the maintenance loo at the bottom of the flats and next thing I knew I was throwing up . Shit. When I was done I throw 9 mint flavour gum in mouth and walked back out the building. All the boys stared at me and I smiled. "Forgot my phone!" They all nod and walked on to the bus . "You have morning sickness!" El whispered. I nod.

"I'm scared El" El hugged me tightly.

"Don't worry about it , It could be a false alarm. Now lets go enjoy are self's!" I smiled at El.

"I'm going to be sick again!" And just as before I reaped what I did. I climb on the bus and I looked straight at Niall who realized what was happening.He grabbed my hand and dragged me in to the toilet."You were sick?" Niall looked scared.

"Yeah..."My voice shaked as I spoke. He hugged me and kissed my forehead."I'm scared Niall , I'm not ready for a baby" I cried in to his chest. 10 minutes later we left the loo and the others were all piled up on floor asleep. It's 12:00PM ,how are they tired?


"LOKI!" Liam shouted I feel in to Niall laughing my head off.This would be fun.

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