That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


19. Surprise

"Niall's going to love this!" I said to my Dad. The boy's are at their last O2 show and while they are me and Dad are decorating the bus for a baby because 30 minutes before they  get back I'll be bring Lila Claire back here to live with us, at last.

"Daddy can you help me with this last piece?" I asked , I'm almost finished with Lila's bed.

"Cara go get my little angel!" Dad said pointing out the time. I grab my handbag containing my phone and keys and pushed the silver cross pram out the door.Walking to the hospital to get my little baby , excitement running through me.


"Just sign here and here" The receptionist said, Lila's release form. I signed the line and walked down the hall to  Lilas' room. I put my angle in her pram and wrapped her in a little white blanket and left the hospital.


"And here is your bed!" I said laying my baby down in her new bed.

"The boy's are coming!" Dad said running over to me and Lila.

"Get the light's!"Dad ran and hit the switch and the room became illuminated by a dim pink light coming from the mobile above Lila Claire's cot.I smiled and  opened the door.All the boys' kissed my check but Niall who kissed me softly on the mouth.

"Niall you want to come in here!" Liam called out. Niall finally noticed the pink light behind me and walked in.They all stood lined up and admired Dad and I's work.

"It's beautiful, and as it has a limit amount of space. Lila will love it!" Niall said pulling me in to a hug. Just then Lila started to cry.I smiled as all the boys looked at me shocked and I walked over and picked her up. I soothed her tears and put her in Niall's arms ."Niall you can finally be a real Dad" I smiled at him. and we all spent the night admiring Lila Claire.

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