That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


21. Shopping Surprise

Finally Lila Claire stop crying at 2:00AM and I fell asleep round about then but man does she cry a lot. Being a Mum is a lot harder then I thought."Cara ...babe we need food!"El said shaking me.

"Fine, what's the time?" I asked.

"10:00AM,!" I sat up and pulled the baby blue covers of my legs and went to the bath room.

"El can you watch Lila Claire a minute please?"

"Yeah!" El shouted back to me. I hopped in the shower and washed shampoo and conditioner through my blonde hair , the dip died purple ends had faded to a lilac . I shaved where it was need and hopped out. I put my plain black ,spaghetti strap T-shirt,denim skinny jeans and black slip-on. I walked over to El's room and got the hair dryer and dried my hair.

"Who want's to get dressed?" I asked Lila who just stared in to my eye's , she had Niall's eye's a deep blue , not as deep as mine though. I picked Lila up and changed her nappy. I slipped her in to a tiny, jack wills T-shirt and blue skirt. I put her in her Silver cross pram ."El come on" I said pull her out the door.


"How about these?" El asked pulling out yet another outfit for Lila. This one's green and say's "Daddies little Leprechaun" on the front ."Go on then last one though, we need food!" I said putting in the trolley that El's pushing.

"Oh carrots!" She said ,loudly. Louder then any normal person anyway.

"You miss Louis?" I asked as she put 5 bags of carrots in to the trolley.

"A lot!" She said looking at the carrots. When Louis goes away she wear's stripey nighties and top's.

"I miss Niall, I feel like a single parent" I said wiping Lilas face with her bib.

"Well we have each other!" El smiled pushing the trolley forward but as she did she hit another trolley.

"Oh my ...I'm sorry!" El said turning round.

"Penelope?" I asked. The women who bullied me for years was standing right in front of me.

"Yeah, do I know ....Wait, Cara? Cara Baltimore?"

"Yeah that's me!"

"OMG! How are you? Who's this?" She said turning her attention to Lila.

"This is my baby Lila Claire, she's Niall baby!" I smiled. Penelope was jealous that I had gorgeous Niall Horan and she didn't.

"Oh that's amazing. Cara look I'm sorry for bulling you all those years ago. My Mum was dying and I didn't have anyone to talk to so I bullied you to keep my self normal, My Mum died 3 years after and I realized how mean I've been." Penelope let out a little sigh."Hey here's my number, call me some time" She smiled and left.

"Is that your old bully?" El asked gob-smacked.

"Yeah it was, God she's changed" I said turning back to El."Life hasn't been kind to her but she looks a million pounds!" I said.


"Niall she's fine but we have something to show to you!" I said to Niall. We're on Skype. I picked up Lila and sat her in my lap.

"That's so cute!" Niall screamed like a 7 year old girl. I put Lila in her "Daddies little Leprechaun" dress.

"I know , she's so cute but I swear if you were here you could get up and sort her out. 5 time's in one hour she screamed." I said lying Lila down in my arms."Oh Niall guess who I bumped in today"

"I don't know"Niall replied.

"Penelope Clark!"

"Really ? What did she say?" He asked leaning closer to the screen.

"Well, she apologized for bullying me and gave me her number!"

"Well, there's a surprise!" Niall smiled. God he better come home soon.

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