That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


2. OMG , Is that you?

"And welcome back to Radio 3 , I'm Cara"

"And I'm Dave  That was One direction the biggest boy band since The Beatles"

"Stay Tuned because One Direction will be in the studio after this short brake" . My job was at this crappy station with one of my BFF's Dave . I only had 2 friends I didn't know who to trust and I was shy.

"Excited?" Dave said coming back in to the room.

"For what?"

"One Direction silly pants" Dave was gorgeous , blonde and green eyes , he has fancied me for 5 years but I still hung up over Niall , He's probable married with Kids and then there is me , blonde hair with dip died purple in it , crystal blue eyes and a Irish accent  . I haven't had a relationship since I was 13 , 7 years alone.

"Why would I be they are just boys" I stated .

"Go make coffee and I'll meet them and save you from that"






"Just go Cara!" Dave laughed .

"Fine" Dave just shot me a look . I smiled knowing I had won and left for Kitchen. I made Dave a milky coffee 1 sugar , got 5 bottles of water for One Direction and Oasis for me . I put it all on a tray and walked back to the studio . I put the drinks where they should be and left to go loo.

I was late back to the studio so I ran and tripped in to the closed door . I picked my self up and thankfully no one saw . Opening the door I look at a angry Dave and giggled .

"What's so funny?"

"You will forgive me in 5 minutes because you need a ride home" I giggled ,"Anyway I'm sorry for Being Late "

" Don't worry , we are waiting on one of the boys, Oh Cara , this is Liam , Louis , Zayn and Harry"

"Hi" They all said . Liam had short hair and brown eyes , Zayn had a quiff with a blonde streak and brown eyes , Harry had locks of curly brown hair and green eyes and the way he smiled he had the cutest dimples  , Louis looked mature so he was probable the sensible one , he had long brown hair and blueish eyes .

"Hi I'm..I'm " My shyness got the better of me ...again"Cara" I finally spat out .

"Please forgive her shes a little shy" Dave explained and they just nodded to show they understood. I sat in my chair and took the lid of my drink and took a mouth full , just as I did the last boy walked in ."Sorry I'm late guys"  A thick Irish accent , I turned around and there was Niall James Horan . Quickly swallowed and just stood there gobsmacked .

"Niall?" I asked confused , finally he turned and looked at me a huge smile appeared on his face .

"Cara!" He shouted hugging me , I couldn't help but hug him back .

"Excuse me guys we have a show to do" Dave's annoyed voice sang out. all the boy's looked confused but I just sat there and smiled to Niall neither of us braking eye contact.

"Welcome back and now with me and Cara in the studio we have , drum role please" We all banged on the desk , well everyone but mew and Niall ." ONE DIRECTION" Dave cheered .

"Welcome boys ,so you are going on your SECOND  world tour soon for Take me home , How does it feel ?"

"It's like bathing in a tub of banana's " Louis stated , OK I was wrong he's not the sensible one .

"What ? have you even?  Don't worry , I'll answer , It's a amazing feeling knowing people love your music and and want to listen to you live and want to support you" Liam said . The interview carried on like this for another 20 minutes.


"So how do you know him?" Dave spat at me , in front of the boy's

"God , who are you My father?"

"No you're Dad left because he didn't love you!" Dave said smugly , I felt like the defenseless 7 year old again

"Take that back I thought you were my best friend ,Now I know why I only have 2 friends , oh wait make that 1 , you can walk home " I hissed , I had forgotten the boy's were watching .

" Fine" And with that Dave stormed out . Sinking in to my chair the tears finally made their way out .

"Cara , what happen in those 7 years?" Niall asked.

" We broke up , I got shy , Dad left so I didn't really need to move , Niall I've been single for 7 years" The tears started again.

"Guys as if that wasn't awkward enough umm , can you fill us in " Louis asked .

" I was bullied when I was 7 a lot because my parents fought a lot Niall stuck up for me and we start dating , we were together for 6 years broke up on my 13th birthday because we moved away to London the next day , I didn't know who to trust but my friends Dave and El " Niall Pulled me up and hugged me again .

"Come on let's get lunch and we will talk of food"

"Same old Niallar" I laughed.

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