That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


8. Oh God No

After giving me the locket Dad left. I ran back to Niall and hugged him tightly. Growing up Niall was the only person who showed me love and I always felt like he deserves better than me." Cara , I love you , did you know that?"

I laughed at him."I love you more then Louis loves carrots , more then Harry loves being naked, more then Zayn loves his reflection and more then Liam loves you boys" I smiled, and watch Niall's smile grow bigger,

"Well I need to go to work babe and El is going to visit her Mum" He said as my smile faded.

"OK then" I kissed his cheek and he left. Might as well get some cleaning done, I stood up and walk in to the kitchen and pick up the bleach and a cloth . I started on the side when there was a knock at the door. I left the bleach on the side and answered the door. There stood Dave and he was drunk out of his head. "Hello Bitch!" He spat .

I tried to shut the door but Dave stopped it. "Oh no you don't" Dave smirked and push in the flat . "You got me fired and now, you'll pay!" before I could push him out his fist hit me in the stomach. I instantly feel to the floor and curled up in pain . Dave then started kicking me over and over I felt blood run down my arm , Dave picked me up by the scruff of the neck and put his face close to mine."I will have pleasure in killing you" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a knife. Fear shocked my body and I let out a blood curdling scream. My Dad appeared in the door.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" He ran over to Dave and a huge struggle broke out between 2 and I couldn't see anything till Dave ran out. Dad was lying on the floor .... Bleeding! "DADDY!" I screamed trying to stand but failing I pulled my self over to him."Daddy please be OK"I begged.

"Cara I love you be strong" His eyes started to flicker shut .

"HELP PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP! Dad please stay with me I'm sorry please!" I started crying. Harry and Zayn ran in after hearing me scream. "DADDY PLEASE" The tears streamed harder .

"Cara what happened?" Harry asked running over.

"Dave attacked me... went to stab me came ...Dave ... WHY AM I EXPLAINING HE'S DIEING JUST CALL HELP" I screamed at them.

"Cara I'm...I'm fine Princess"Dad started coughing"Go in my right pocket" I was confused and scared of losing Dad but did as he asked . In his pocket was box , I looked at Dad and then opened it . In side was Note it read:

My dearest daughter Cara, I failed as a father and I'm sorry for that but I want to make you happy again , when your ready I  want you to marry Niall and Make a life with him I will always love you more then you know , Dad.

I smiled and noticed there was a small ring with  the words "I love you , From Dad" I hugged him.

"I love you Daddy , you'll be fine I promise" seconds later a paramedic rushed in and took Dad away and me too. The police took a statement after I was checked and then I went and sat in the waiting room with Harry and Zayn. "I'm sorry for shouting , I just don't want to lose him" I cried in to Harry's shoulder.

"Cara , I don't blame you" Harry held me closer and as he did Niall , Louis and Liam ran in."Cara .. what are happened?" Niall asked angrily.

I turned to face him , he took one look and his face dropped , the bruise were all over my face and body and I broke 3 fingers. "Dave attacked me and stabbed Dad!" I cried again. Niall wrapped his arms around me.

"I will kill Dave!" Niall said .

"No you won't Niall please just it" I asked . We all sat in silence after and waited for news on Dad.

"For Chris Baltimore!" A women called.

"Here" I shot up to quickly and hurting my self.

"This way" The women said and walked of.

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