That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


4. Niall's girl

I woke up in Niall's arm's , I slowly turned around to look him in the face but instead I saw a green note taped to his face and I giggled a the though of someone using Niall as a post it wall.

Didn't want to wake you , Dave called you have the day off

..and so does Niall enjoy your "you day" Love El

Thank God, I don't think I can stand seeing Dave for awhile , He needs help and lot's of it.

"Cara why is everything green?" Niall was up and he seemed confused , more confused then a normal person anyway.

"Niall , babe you figure it out OK ? good I'm making breakfast , you can have some when you find out why everything is green" I laughed and got out of bed making my way to the kitchen , I reached down to my pocket to get my phone when I relized I wasn't in my jeans ,I was in my PJ's . "Niall , when did I get changed ?" I said while getting out the bowls .

"You changed last night when you woke up screaming about Losing something" Niall had finally got the note of his head and walked to where the flooring changed.

"I don't remember so probabley nothing" I smiled the best fake smile ever , I knew what it was . Having Niall back reminded me of my birthday and how I lost him , I guess it has finally come back to haunt me .

"OK , What we doing today then ?" I seemed to comviced him.

"Let's just stay here and watch T.V." I thought it was a good plan.

"With food?"

"Of course" I answered giving Niall a bowl of corn flakes. After we ate we walked back to the couch and turned on the T.V .

"Today we have a interview with One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson!"

I looked at Niall who seemed really interested.

"We watching this then?" I asked , already knowing the answer.

"Yeah I want to know if and what the say about!" He grinned . We watch the first few mintues and it was the same as anyother interview untill the asked the next question. "You were seen in Starbuck's coffee yesterday with radio presenter Cara Baltimore ," the boys nodded. " Is she a close friend or what?"

"She's a old school friend of Niall's " Harry answered.

"Didn't Niall go to a all boy's school ?"

"Yeah but this was before he went there when they were like 6 or somethingand they stayed close friends over the years until she moved here" Louis answered this time. I got bored of this talk about me and Niall so I grabbed the remote getting a evil look from Niall . I stuck out my tongue like a kid and turned over .

"Next up , Finding Nemo" I smiled ,I loved this film and was alway's saying qoutes from it.

"No this film make's me cry" Niall moaned ,

"Face it like man"I teased .

"Fine then , I will " He said smuggly , "If I don't cry you have to be Mi novia"

"Niall .. I'm fluant in spanish" I knew that this ment my girlfriend , he just didn't know I knew.

"Really? That's so sexy " He laughed.

"I also speak whale!" I luaghed and soon he started to too. We watched the whole film and Niall tried so hard not to cry but failed.

"Oh" He was genuraly sad about it this time.

"I'll be your girlfriend anyway .....If you want"I wanted to be Niall's girl again.

"REALLY..." He squiled like a 4 year old girl, "I mean ...Really?" This time he made his voice lower and it made me laugh even more then his girly voice.

"Of course , I wanted that for 7 years" I blushed sheepishly . Once again I found Niall kissing me , I don't know about him but I could of done this all day . We were kissing for what felt like forever but were interupted by a knock on my door . "I'll get it" I got up and went to the door as I pulled it open a number of flash's went off . I put myn arm over my face to shield my eye's . "What are you doing ?" I almost screamed.

"Cara is it true Niall Horan and you are together?"

"Where is Niall?" people shouted question's at me , I turned around and Niall was gone from the chair. Good that maked the next thing a lot easyer. "Niall's not here , He's at his own house ,funny that really " And saying that I slammed the door shut and put on the safety lock.

"Niall where are you?" I wisphered in case they were still out side . " Here!" He shouted jumping up .

"AHHH! OMG Niall are you trying to kill me!" I laughed shilghtly.

"Paparatizz and you didn't tell them we were together" was all Niall said before going in the toliet and locking the door.

A/N hey guy's sorry if this one isn't anygood I had about 10 mintues to write it , Please check out my other Movella Me and the Band (link below) and keep reading thanks xxxx

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