That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


12. Midnight

I can't sleep. I'm too scared because I'm pregnant,I took 7 test earlier all posative. I turned to face Niall. Like a sleeping angel, a small smile crept on my face.Pulling back the covers I crept to the living and sat on the sofa. I grabbed my phone and rang my Mum.


"Mum...It's me"

"Cara , baby girl! What's up?"

"Nothing Mum, Just want to talk"

"Oh I'm busy , I told you to only ring in emergency"

"Well Mum...." And she hung up. I dropped my phone and bust in  to tears. I buried my head in my knees and sobbed.

"Cara...What's up?" My head flew up and Harry came over and was rubbing circles in my back.

"I...I'm...I'm pregnant" I started to cry again . Harry pulled me in to a hug.

"It'll be fine, any way it will have amazing family!" Harry smiled showing off his dimples.

"My family is pretty crap"

"What?!"Harry looked sad.

"My REAL family, not you guys"I smiled at Harry who returned it .

"I'm hungry" Harry moaned.

"Let's make breakfast!"I smiled showing my teeth

"But it's 12AM"Harry whispered.

"And ...Come on!" I stood and pulled Harry into the kitchen. I got out the bread and all sorts of sandwich fillers and made sandwiches.

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES!" I screamed running into the living space after Harry. Harry poured ice cold water over my head.

"Cara what's wrong?!" everyone else asked rushing in to the room.They all looked at me and started laughing , yeah OK, it's funny to them but it hurt me and all the rejection and fear I have right now , I didn't want this. I grabbed Niall's jumper and left the bus . "Cara...CARA!" I turned to face Niall . I was crying and didn't know why.

"Niall , I'm scared OK ......I'm scared" Niall pulled me into him.

"Why?" Niall looked at me confused.

"I'm pregnant Niall....I'm pregnant" I feel to my knees as I noticed everyone stood behind Niall. Why now?

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