That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


17. Lila Claire

"Baby you don't want to come yet , Stay " I said talking to my belly. I could help it anymore I grabbed my phone and rang Niall.

"Cara? I can't talk I'm about to on for the final song"


"Cara I'm coming!"

"NO! finish the show I'll call an ambulance!"I hung up the phone so Niall couldn't argue with me.

"Hello Ambulance station how can I help you?"

"Hello my name is .....AHH...Cara Baltimore, I'm in labor and on my own , I'm on the One Direction tour bus out side the O2 arena in London, PLEASE HURRY!" A surge of pain ran through my stomach, Scared and alone.


"Miss Baltimore, you're in labor and we need to get this baby out now!"  A doctor told me as they rushed me to a maturity ward.

Yeah because I don't know I'm in labor, We finally got there and they gave me some gas to help me breathe and numb the pain.

"Is Niall here yet?" I asked for the 8th time . Once again I was told no.

"Cara , I'm Sarah your mid-wife, I'm going to help you.Oh and a women called Eleanor is in the waiting room for you."

"Let her in." Sarah raced out the room back down the hall.I took a deep breathe and tried to think of when Niall would get here.

"Cara!"El ran in and grabbed my hand.

"Is Daddy out there?" I asked El distracting my self.

"Yeah , he woke up when I got to the bus."

"CARA!" Niall ran in the room and took my other hand.

"Niall...." I calmed down slightly.

"Cara, start pushing"Sarah said.I'm ready to be Mum.


"She's so small"Liam said looking into the incubator.Lila Claire was born way to earlier and is in a incubator till she can cope on her own."I know, I can't wait to hold her!" Niall said pulling me in closer.

"I want to her but what if I broke her? She's so fragile" I smile as I look at my tiny baby, but it broke my heart to see all the tubs covering  her."Hey I'm hungry anyone want to get some food?" Niall asked.

"We can't leave Cara!" Louis said.

"I'm fine, unless there is another baby in me I should be fine,so go!" I laughed as they all left...but Louis.

"Louis , you not hungry?"I asked .

"I don't want to leave my favorite niece, plus I need to sing my song"Louis said.

Louis sang his song and the others returned , I really can't wait to hold my baby.

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