That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


25. Harry and His New Girl

9:30 AM and I need food but Niall ate all the food in the cupboards before he left.

"Secret stash!" I ran into El's room and pulled up her carpet under her bed and lifted the floor bored and under neath was all of El's favorite sweet's. I opened a packet of Haribos and scoffed the lot down. Much better.

"Hello?" I asked answering my phone.



"Cara can you do me a favor?" Harry asked.

"Sure...Depending on what it is" I said, the last favor I did for Harry ended with me having "Harry's Property" wrote on my arm in sharpy.

"I have a friend who is coming to meet me and the boy's the same day you do , so I was wondering if you could pick her up and if she could stay at yours until you both come and meet us?"Harry explained.

"Fine, where should I pick her up from?"

"Your Studio, Thanks Cara. Got to go Niall's coming! Bye"

"Bye tell him I love him" And with that the Line went dead.I put El's floor board back in place and left for my room.I put my pale yellow short shorts and Elmo tank top. The sun ,for once, was shining brightly.I picked up my bag and car key's and went to the garage. Opening the door to my confertable , I hopped in and drove to work.


"This has been Cara , kept listening , next is Zia and Mark" I pulled my head phone's off and got my things.

"YES!Holiday!" I said hugging Mark. I finally get to go back to the boys with this mysteries girl.

"Cara?" I span round and behind me was a girl holding a suitcase in front of her. She's wearing denim jacket over a green dress. Her hair's mousey brown and wavy and has blue eye's.

"Yes you must be the girl I'm picking up" I said.

"Yes I'm Ellie Shannon"

"It's nice to meet you, so if you're coming hop in the car!" I Pulled open the boot and put her bag in it.

"So how did you meet Harry?" I asked.

"Oh we went school together."

"So how closer are you? You friends of best friends?"

"Girlfriend" Elle smiled.Harry has a girlfriend.

"That's Great!" I smiled.We pulled up to my building and I parked the car. "And this is mine and El's apartment, you can stay in El's room!" I said pointing to El's room.

"Thanks Cara!" Elle smiled before walking to El's room.As soon as she shut the door I pulled out my phone and text Harry

To: SexyHarry;)

You never told me she's your GIRLFRIEND



Sorry Babe I'm trying to shut Niall up he won't stop talking  about you and Lila


I laughed at this . But at the same time I missed my Lila and Niall so much but I can't see Lila till Dave leave's us alone. I looked at the photo of Niall,Lila and I, the one Louis took the day Lila went missing. I took it down and looked at us. We were so happy. A tear hit the glass and I realized I was crying."Cara are you OK?" I turned and looked at Elle.

"Yeah I just miss my daughter..a lot!" I wiped the tears away from my face.

"Don't worry , you'll see her soon" Elle hugged me.

"Thanks" I smiled putting the photo back where I got it from. I think Elle and I will be really good friends.


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