That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


10. Happy memeories and Sad goodbyes

"Careful, Cara!" Dad said as I tried lifting him up.

"Niall babe , can you do it?" I asked , I give up easily.

"Fine but you have to make tea" He said firmly till I laughed at him and both him and Dad joined. Niall got Dad out of bed and in to his wheel chair. Dad won't be able to walk properly for a few weeks due to the accident so he is going to get his private jet to Ireland , he said he still needs to make money for my future. Niall and I are taking Dad to the airport to catch his plane. We got in the car and arrived at the airport shortly after.

"By Daddy , get better soon!" I hugged Dad closely.

"I love you too Princess , Oh I want to give you this." Dad reached in his pocket again, it seemed he was always giving me things. He pulled at a photo of Dad, Me and ....Niall. It was taken the day before I moved away and my parents split up officially.


"Niall James Horan If you don't give that back I will kill you" I laughed, Niall had taken my diary and was standing on my bed holding it above his head."Niall is the sweetest boy alive and I think I may make a future with him..."Niall's voice trailed off at that bit ."Really Cara?"

"Really Niall , I care about you more then anything else in the world" Niall pulled me in to a hug and squeezed me tightly.

"CARA! NIALL! TEA'S UP" Dad shouted. Niall and I looked at each and raced down to the garden where Dad and Mum had BBQ ed burgers for us . Mum took a photo of us all sat on the garden wall.The told me about the split up the next day.


I Pulled away from Dads hug and took the photo ."Thanks Daddy"

Dad pulled Niall in to a hug . The look on Niall's faced said a lot but he seemed to enjoy the fact that Dad excepts him."Look after my baby girl or else" Niall and Dad laughed a little before Dad said Goodbye . Me and Niall climbed in the car and Drove home. "Cara I'm going on tour .... Tomorrow" I looked at him and my heart broke.


"Yeah but Paul said you can come " I smiled and kissed Niall , how is he so .....perfect?.

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