That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


27. Good bye Lila

"Niall Lila!" I said shaking Niall. She screamed and then it stopped.

"I'm going babe" Niall said kissing my head. I lie on the bed thinking of a happy place.

"CARA SHE'S GONE!" Niall shouted. I throw my self off the bed and in to the living room to Lila's bed.

"Lila , Lila LILA!" I screamed throwing her blanket out of her crib. By now all the boy's , El and Shannon had walked in to the living.


"What!?" ;Louis said before running out the door.

"TIRE TRACKS LIAM ,BOY'S HER NOW!" All the boy's ran out the bus and the last thing I heard was the door slam.

"We will find her Cara ,OK? We will" Shannon said before walking back in to Harry's bed.

"Come here Cara" Shannon said tapping the bed next to her.I ran and jumped next her.

"Cara stop crying." Shannon said wiping my tears.I didn't even know I was crying.

"Ever heard of the man in the stars?" Shannon asked.

"Yeah I have!" I said.

"Well I'm going to tell it, There was once a little boy he was alone a lot as a kid and had no one to turn to . When he grew up he had a daughter who was never lonely but one day she went missing and was never found. The man died of a broke heart. He sat on the stars in search of his daughter and he found her.She had a family and was happy. He wasn't alone on the stars , they talked to him and kept him safe.He watch's over ever lonely child and kept them safe."

Shannon was hugging me and then I slowly feel asleep.


Sorry it so long and is crap but I will update more I promise but my life is hectic right now sorry but it will get better.

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