That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


20. Going home

"Be careful Niall" I said giving him one last hug.

"Cara I'll be fine, your the one looking after a baby!" Niall laughed.It's time for me to come off the tour, El and I are going home with Lila Claire and Dad."I'll miss you Niall!" I said kissing him.

"Well when I get back you'll have a bit of the wedding planned and I get to see the other girl in my life!"

"Oh really ..well then I know who's not getting a invite to the wedding" I laughed. Niall pulled me over to Lila and got her out of her car seat."She beautiful just like her mother" Niall smiled . He kissed Lila on the forehead and leaned in to her."Now you look after your Mother  for me" Niall said.I went to the kitchen to get Lila a bottle for the journey.

"Cara I'll miss you"Niall said wrapping his arms around my waist.I spun round and wrapped my arms around his neck.Llouis must have Lila because I can hear him telling her about carrots.

"Niall I'll see you soon, as soon as Lila can fly we'll be joining you in the other counties!" I smiled.

"But we don't fly out for ages!" Niall protested."So you don't have to go!"

I pushed away from Niall."Yes we do Niall because I don't our baby traveling round for the first year's of her life!" I said ,trying to show the annoyance in my voice.

"Cara we have to go, we are all packed!" El said.

"Bye Niall!" I said kissing him but it was different from the others. It was passionate and felt like true love to me.Like our first kiss.

We pulled away and a tear left my eye."Why are you crying?" Niall asked Laughing slightly.

"Because last time we had a kiss like that I left and thought I would never see you again!"

"I'm coming back Cara, I'm never leaving you for ever!"We had one last hug and kiss before I left with El and Lila.


"And there we have it!" El said pleased with here self.She has redone everything thing that I did with the bus.

"Hush little baby don't say a word Daddy's gonna' buy you mocking bird"I sang to Lila trying to put her a sleep.

"And that's all because that's the only book he has ever read!" El pitched in.

"Eleanor Calder that's not the words!" I laughed. I walked round my bed and put Lila in her bed.

"Come on you let's go watch Monsters Inc.!" El whispered pulling me out the room.

"Where did your Dad go?"El asked.

"He had too return to work , he has had way to much time of work" I smiled.

"Girly time!" El squirreled.

"SHH Don't wake the baby!"I laughed. Finally one night to relax with out being attacked by the boys'.

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