That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


22. First words and reunions

I haven't seen the boy's in 3 month and I miss them so much."Cara Niall's on Skype!" El called.

"Coming!" I grabbed Lila and carried her through to El's room.

"Cara, there you are! and my princess" Niall said pointing to Lila. Lila put her tiny hand up to the screen and pushed it up against it.Niall smiled widely. I know how much he misses her and me."Daddy miss you lot's" Niall said pulling his hand back.

"Where did Louis go?"El said sitting next me.Lila crawled on to her lap and was hugging a teddy Niall and Louis had sent.She love's it and won't put it down.

"I'm here!" Louis said jumping on the bed and lying down next to Niall.

"Uncle Louis!" Lila screamed....Wait Lila?

"Lila you spoke!" I said picking her up.

"Uncle Louis" she said again.

"HAHAHA your babies first word is Uncle Louis!" Louis laughed.

"Louis shut up!" Niall said pushing Louis of the bed.

"Guess who's shouting Louis?" Liam,Harry and Zayn all walked in the room.

"Lila Did!" Niall beamed.He was so proud of here.

"Hey how about we come and join you all Sheffield tonight?!" El said really happy.

"Yeah can we?"

"Uncle Louis!" Lila said. We all laughed at her randomness.

"Yeah , Uncle Louis, can they?" Harry asked.

"Yes of course you can! I miss my princess!" Louis said.

"I miss you too!" El beamed.

"So we will see you later" Liam cheered before ending the call

"Thanks Tom!" I said kissing his cheek. Tom's my cousin and since I can't bring my car he drove us up in his mini-bus.

"Don't mention it and that's every thing!" Tom said pulling out my last bag. I watched Tom drive away before I carry the last bag on the bus."Mummy!" Lila said tugging at the straps of her car seat.

"You called me Mummy!" I smiled.

Lila nodded."Yeth Mummy" I pulled open the straps and held Lila up really high before hugging her.

"The boy's are coming!" El said really excited.She has been unpacking since we got here and the only thing left is my one bag.

"That was so much fun"Liam said walking in and as soon as he saw us he smiled and as did each boy as they walked in but Niall's smile was bigger.

"Daddy!" Lila screamed running over to Niall.He picked her up and hugged her tightly.

"She called me Daddy!" Niall said really excited.

"Yes she did!" I said just as excited.

Me and Niall are sat in bed as Lila slept in the living room."I've missed you so much" Niall said in between kisses.

"I've missed you too, but Lila Claire's missed you more" I smiled.

"I can't to marry you!" Niall said.

"Hey about that....where is the wedding going to be?"

"Anywhere you want!" I hugged Niall and just enjoyed him being here next to me.

"When Lila cry's tonight your getting it!" I laughed just before I fell asleep.

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