That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


3. El

After lunch the boys came round mine to met El.

"I recognized this building" Lou said as we went up the lift , we got to my apartment , it had 2 bedrooms , 1 bathroom and walk in kitchen and living room . "EL I'm home with some friends get out here!" I shouted.

"No , I don't want to"El laughed trough her door.

"Eleanor Calder get out here now" I laughed.

"Wait , I do know this place , El it's Louis" Louis said , OK now I was confused but I have never seen El move so fast . "LOUIS" she shouted wrapping him in a hug .

"God calm down El , now I'm confused can you explain?"

"Remember the boyfriend I was telling you about before I moved in? well , Meet him" Oh now it made sense as the others all said their hello's ,

"El you've known Cara for 7 years but I've never heard of her?"

"Because Louis, Cara has always been shy and I know every thing about her ... Even Niall and I promised not to tell ,a friend keep's their promise!" El was a great friend and I loved here for it .

Harry and Louis went home,Liam and Zayn went to meet Dani and Perrie , who I was told was their other half and El went to work so , now it's me and Niall.

"Cara , can I tell you something I have never told anyone?"

"Sure , you know you can trust me with anything"

"I Love you Cara, I have spent years trying to find you but never could and then I saw you at radio station and I felt like a 7 year old again" Niall smiled hopefully at me .

"Niall , I ....I Love you too " I started crying , he love's me, HE LOVE'S ME! before I knew it Niall crashed his lips on mine and I felt like no one else excised and I felt like the 13 year old who's heart was broken but now it had been fixed . 

"Please don't leave me again Niall Please"


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