That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


23. Dave's back.

I woke up and Niall was gone. In his place was note.

"Cara I'm inside with El and the boy's , we are practicing for the next show. Lila Claire is with you.

Love you , Niall xxxx (and Louis)"

I laughed as Louis had wrote his name.I got up and out on some black leggings and denim shorts with a baggy,white Miss Piggy T-shirt. I finally get up and walked in to the living.

"Lila baby time to get up!" I said. I lent over the side of her cot to pick her up but she was gone."One of the boys' have her!" I have to stay calm , grabbing my phone I run to the door of the stadium and find the boys.

"Where's Lila?"Niall asked.

"She's not on the bus so I thought one of you guys came back and got her!" I said as worry  spread round my body.

"No we don't have!"

"Where's Lila!" I almost screamed.

"It's fine breathe" Niall said "We will search for her around the area and if we can't find her tonight we will ring the police" Niall said trying to keep me calm.

"OK" Niall told the others what had happened and they all went to search.


"MUMMY!" Lila's little voice filled the stadium as she ran to me.

"Lila baby where have you been?"

"Davey took me for Ice-cem!" She said. I noticed she had a note on her wrist.

"Run Cara because I'm coming for you and Lila

Love Dave"

"That's nice baby" I dialed Niall's number on my phone and waited for him to answer.

"I have Lila , she came running in to the stadium but she was with Dave earlier and she has a note . get back here quickly.


"Thank you Mr Horan" The police men thank Niall. We reported Dave and they told us that he was in prison for 5 month's but was let out early.So he's coming for revenge.My phone started ringing . Shit. It's work.

"Hello Cara. We need you in work in 2 days"

"Umm sure I'll be there."

Great so my child is in danger as am I and I have to go to work.

"Niall I have to be in work in 2 days" I told him disappointed.

"What about Lila?"

"I think she should go stay with Grandad. Would you like that Lila?"I asked her.


"fine she can go tomorrow."

"Niall I'm sorry but it's the safest place for her right now"

"Cara just go away!"

"Niall I've done nothing wrong!" I said tears running down my face.

Niall just stormed away. I fell to my knees and cried.

"Don't cry Mummy" Lila said wrapping her arms around me.

"Lila Let me tell you a story of a man in the stars" I pulled Lila on to the my lap and told her the story my Dad always told me. Lila fell asleep in my lap sucking her thumb.

"Cara I'm sorry for getting angry at you , I'm scared for losing you" Niall said joining me and Lila.

"SMILE!" Louis said taking a picture of Niall,Lila and I. A perfect family.

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