That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .



Niall,Louis and I walked throught the park. I felt like a woman with a 5 year old child. We walked past a man with balloons and Niall covered my ears, I was about to protest when Louis screamed."What?"I asked.

"I want a balloon!" He Louis said.

"No you're 20 years old you don't need a balloon." I said stubonly.


"Louis stop shouting people are stearing!" I said angerliy

"No I want a balloon."

"Fine get a balloon then."

We spent 10 minutes for Louis to pick a balloon and then discover he didn't have his wallet so he made Niall pay. Now we have a 20 year old man running round with a dinosaur balloon . "Louis careful of the trees!" After the tantrum he throw over getting the ballon I didn't want to see the one he throw over it when it pops. Of course Louis just walked round hugging his balloon as a solution. We finally got back to my flat and when I got in El was in the kicthen and the was a man sat on the couch. "DADDY!" I screamed like a 3 year old child .

"Princess!" My dad stood up and opened his arms for me , I jumped on him and sqeezed him just for it to be returned.

"I missed you so much princess and thought to pay a visit !" He smiled letting go .

"I missed you too Daddy , of course you know El. This is Niall and Louis." Dad looked them up and down and I waited for the nodd of aprovel from him. My Dad was 7 foot tall and was huge. Not fat but muscles. " I heard you're station and I heard Dave was fired. Serve's him right son of a ..."

"Dad" I cut him off.

"Sorry and I also heard about Niall James Horan... Is this him?" I knew Niall was uncomfortable, but Dad was going to do this anyway,

"Yes Daddy"

"Where was he when Dave called you a whore?"

"On his way to the station to kill him" I knew this was the answer Dad wanted .

"Hello son I'm Carl Baltimore"He introduced him self shaking both Niall's and Louis' hands before flattoning his suit. My Dad want me to be as succus as him in the future I choose hense why my name is the female version of his.

"Daddy let's go get some food" I surgested.I forgot that Dad doesn't eat take away.

"No thank you Cara I am going home for my tea" I felt my face drop.

"When will you be back?" I asked .

"I don't know Princess"I sat with Dad, El , Louis and Niall for another hour bafore Dad left and gave me my check.

"Cara he does love you!" El said rubbing my back .

"Then where was his on all of my birthdays starting at 5 , or my school play's or anything I've ever done? My Mum was the only parent there for me!" I screamed at El.

"I'm sorry ...It's just maybe Penelope and Dave were right."

"No they are not" I spun round and Dad was stood in the doorway.

"Cara I do love you , and I 'm sorry for never being there but I had to surport you and your mother and ..."

"No you didn't Dad" His face soften for the first time in years , I knew I hurt him as I didn't call him Daddy."Mum had job too and I was alone for alot as kid and now , you only care about how much is in your abnk, not me or mum."

"Cara ...Ok look I really am sorry but how can I make it up to you?"

"I don't know Dad , just go I call later."I looked away and tears fell. I felt him wrap me in a hug and he wisphered in my ear. "The Man in stars" I look up at him and smiled. When I was 4 I was scared of being alone. So Dad told me of a man who sit's on the stars Day and Night and watch's over me and keeps me safe. He pushed away from the hug and put his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out a card I gave him when I 4 and a locket with us in, Ismiled and wishpered I love you Daddy in his ear and had him wisper it back.

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