That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


24. Back to work.

Here I am again, back in this shitty studio and I don't even have a "Next we will have your favorite family moments after this song, This is Irresistible by One Direction!" I hit play , I missed the boys' and Lila so much. "I stood and went to get another drink. I walked down the hall to the kitchen . I pulled open the fridge door and grabbed the bottle of Oasis. "Help I'm stuck in side your phone!" My started , Niall. "Niall!" I cheered answering it. "Hey babe , how you doing?" He asked.He sounded different. "Could be better, you?" I asked trying to figure it out. "The normal, Where are you?" He asked. "You should know , I told you yesterday" It's Dave. "Just tell me" "I'm at Oxford street London!" I said hanging up.I rang Harry straight after I hung up. "Harry?!" "Cara , What's up?" Oh thank god. "Where's Niall?" "He's with us, Why?" "Where's his phone?" I heard Harry shout over to Niall asking him. "He said the dressing room, Cara what's wrong!" "Dave rang me asking me where I am off of Niall's phone!" "Shit. Look we are safe just get on with work and we will Ring if anything's wrong!" Harry hang up and I walked back down the hall to the studio. "And we are back, You've been tweeting us with your favorite family moment. First is from Penelope Clark she says , When me and my Mum went shopping and she gave me her wedding ring. Oh that's so sweet , I hope you kept it safe!"I said , I was glad Penelope listened to my station."Oh this one is from Louis Tomlinson, Nice to know your rehearsal hard. Any way Louis said When my niece Lila Claire said her first words, Uncle Louis! Oh that's so sweet" I said remembering the moment."I'll be reading ore after this song , Mirror's by Justin Timberlake" I lent back in chair and looked at the producer out side, I waved for him to come in. "Cara, how you doing?" "I'm miss my baby girl!" I said. "Cara it'll be hard but it will get easier"I hugged him and thanked him for his advice. "Daddy put Lila on!" I said ringing my Dad. "Mummy!" "Lila baby how's my Alannamocree (Leanbh mo Chroí)?" I asked. "Good Mummy!" Lila has a Irish accent she's picked mine, Niall's and my Dad's up. "Good , put Grandad on!" I said. "Sorry Daddy just checking on her!" "That's OK bye baby!" "Bye Daddy!" "And your back with me Cara Baltimore soon to be Horan" I said. I can't wait to get my baby back.



A/N Alanna - mo - Cree (Leanbh mo Chroí) means child of my heart

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