That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


13. Baby ......

"Cara this is great!" Niall beamed at me.

"Yes it is" It has been excalty 12 weeks sinces I told everyone that I was pregnant .

"So Mr Horan you and your wife are having a little girl!" The nusre smiled."I'll go print of the scans" The nusre stood up and walked out the room.

"She said wife , she thinks you're my wife!" Niall beamed happliy at me.

"Yes she did Niall , and I liked it" The nusre walked back in and gave me the scans , I smiled and thanked her and me and Niall left . "I can't believe we are having girl!" I said smiling."A dream come true!" Niall pulled me in to a hug and rubbed my belly.

"Have you told your Dad?" Niall asked looking me in the eye.

"No he doesn't aprove of kids before marriage, I just don't know how to tell him" Niall smiled and we started walking back to the bus."We'll call him when we get back"


"Hey Daddy!" I chripped down the phone.

"Hello Princess"

"Hello Chris , how's the walking?" Niall asked , Dad had started walking again.

"Oh Niall son thanks for asking, I'm doing really well!"

"That's great Daddy...umm we have some thing to tell you!"I said looking at Niall. We had sat in the Loving room on the bus where everyone elsse had just come in.

"What is it?" Dad asked

"I''m" I looked at Niall.

"She's pregnant!" Niall said quickly. The room was so quite you could hear a pin drop.

"Really..?" Dad asked ,his voice flat.

"Yeah Daddy"

"That's amazing , I'm going to be a Grandad? What sex is it?" I looked around the room and smiled.

"Dad I want you to be the first apart from Niall to know but the others are here to ...Everyone it's a baby...Drumroll please"

"A drumrole please what a great sex!" Louis cheered .

"Louis that's not a sex!" Dad said.

"A GIRL!" I cheered only to be squeezed by the group.

"Mind the baby!" I laughed.

"Love you Daddy"


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