That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


14. A-Z

"NO WAY!" I laughed . We had all gathered to think of baby names for my little girl.

"What's wrong with Porsche?" Harry asked.

"I am not naming my baby after a car!" Niall said .

"Fine don't!" Harry said trying not to laugh.

"Hey what's your favorite shop?"Louis asked.

"Claires!"El said before I could .

"There you go a baby name." Louis smiled triumphantly.

"What if I said new look?"

"Then it would be Nelly Lou"

"Haha I like that name!" Niall said looking at me for approval.

"Niall,son maybe something that is named after a shop" My Dad laughed.

"Hey , Cara remember when we were younger when you first meet? We talked about baby names we liked and I wrote them all down well I still have that list!" El said jumping up running in to her room and shortly returning with a sheet of paper.

"El read the first name on you side and mine?" I asked.

"Sure yours is Lila and mine Claire"

"Lila Claire!," I said happily,"You don't mind do you ?"

"of course not! I love it!"

"Niall?Daddy?" Me and El asked in unison.

"I love it!"

"Me too!"

"So it's settled, Lila Claire it is!" I screamed.

"Do you like your name?" Niall asked rubbing my belly.

"She kick, I felt her kick!" Niall shouted really excited.

"Haha Niall calm down" I laughed.

I can't wait to be a mum.

"So it's Lila Claire Louise Horan!"

"When did you agree the last name?" Zayn asked.

"We didn't." I was really confused.

"We don't have to" Niall grinned, He got on one knee and pulled out a ring."Cara May Baltimore Will you marry me?" my hands covered my mouth in shock."Yes...YES YES!" I cheered jumping on Niall.

"Mind my other princess!" Niall smiled kissing me. I'm going to be Mrs Cara May Horan.

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