That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


18. At last .

We all spent the night in the hospital with Lila, hoping that she can leave this place soon."Paul!" I said hugging him. "Thank you for letting the paramedic's in the bus!"

"Your welcome! I'm sorry I couldn't help more"

"It's fine" I said sitting back next to Lila.

"Oh I brought you these!" Paul said putting some balloon's in the corner.

"Thanks Paul!" The boys' chanted.Till Simon walked in.

"Boys!Let's see the little bundle!" Simon smiled.

"Well, Uncle Si, this is Lila Claire Louise Horan!" Louis smiled happily as we all moved out the way of the incubator so Simon could see the little bundle of joy."She is really cute, like a mini Niall" I laughed at this.

"Cara, Niall can I speak to you please?"A doctor asked. I looked at the boys',Simon and Paul who all looked worry.I stood and walked out the room to join the doctor ."We have great news, Lila is doing amazing and you can finally hold her!" I jump in to Niall full of emotion . We went back in to the room and the doctor followed us."Who's first?" She asked . I looked at Niall who looked at me."Cara can , she carried her I think it's only fair" I looked at him shocked. The others just stared at us confused. I sat down and the doctor opened up the incubator and put Lila Claire in my arms.I smiled and couldn't help it. Lila spread out her little hands and grabbed my finger. My heart skipped my beat."Niall , you want to hold her?" I asked. Niall was at my side instantly , I slipped the tiny body from my arms in to his. Niall's face light up and he wouldn't stop smiling.After everyone got to hold Lila Claire the doctor told us that Lila didn't need the tubs anymore and would be able to come home and live with us in a day or two.

"Can I hold her again?" Louis asked for the 9th time.

"Louis she needs to sleep, leave her alone" I laughed.I can't wait to have my baby at home with me.

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