That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


31. A New start and Family Home.

I looked around the living room of what was El and I's flats.I saw memories come to life all around me.Niall and I the night we got back together ,Lila's first step's by the fireplace,tears threatened my eye's.Lila and Me are moving out and in to Niall's house to keep her safer.

"That's the last box!" I smiled.

"Are you sure?" El asked.

"Yep nothing else , what! Have you packed up your secret stash?"

"OF COURSE!" El almost screamed.

El was moving in with Louis."Bye Bye Aunty Eleanor!" Lila said hugging El.

"Bye Bye pet!" El hugged Lila back."Keep safe!"

"Lila baby , come on we need to go!" I smiled putting Lila in her car seat.

"Eleanor Calder , I will miss waking up to your big mouth singing!" I laughed.

"I will miss your fail at cooking" El said.I pulled El into hug.

"I'll miss not living with you, knowing that if I need you ,you were in the next room"I smiled, a stray tear escaped my eye.

"Same here babe, I love you like a sister!" El hugged me.

"MUMMY I'M BORED!" Lila shouted. El and I let out a small giggle.

"I have to go" I waved good bye to El and left for Lila and I new home.


"Niall?" I asked opening the door.

"Niall?!" Lila shouted.

"That's Daddy to you!" Niall said appearing out of no where."I'll help with the boxes!"

"Good babe!" I smiled.


"Last box"Niall said.

"Thanks babe" I smiled kissing Niall lightly.

"Mind my back, I hurt my back"

"I'll make it up to you!" I winked , biting my lip.

"With ice-cream?" Lila asked.

"Yeah baby , with Ice-cream" I laughed.

"We are getting married soon and you'll be Mrs Cara Horan!" Niall smiled happily.

"Yep and well be the perfect family!"

"Me you and Lila , I have my 2 girls and my amazing fridge!"Niall laughed.But it wouldn't be just us , I found out I'm pregnant again. My future look's so perfect with my gorgeous family and a little on they way.

A/N And that's the end !!! The sequel will come out now or tomorrow , I have time to do a few chapters so yeah please read my new one !!!!

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