That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


29. A little happiness

"I can't stay here!" I said El.

"Why not?"

"Lila's first steps over there, When she first sat up over there!"

"But her first words were at our house"

"Eleanor I miss her so much, I was thinking what if I never see her again!"I said , I felt tears threaten my eye's.

"Cara-May don't talk like that, of course you'll she her again she has 6 people out looking for her and then a whole police force. We will find her!"

"El she was snatched right out from under us,what if they this baby!"I throw my hand over my mouth quickly realizing what I had just said.

"This baby..?"

"El , Me and Niall had sex the night Lila was taken, after dinner we went to a hotel. I felt sick the morning after but put it down to the stress but then I had a craving apple's and we all know I don't like them.So I took a test and it was positive"

"The one test? They aren't always right"

"No , but 9 are!"I felt a tear slip out my eye."El I'm not ready for another child, I can't deal with the sleepless nights alone or losing this kid! I'm a crap mother! I don't deserve anything I have, not even deserve Lila!"

"Don't even think that!" El shouted.

"It's true!"

"NO IT'S NOT! You deserve her more then I need Louis"

"Thanks El!"I hugged El tightly and just wanted to hole on forever but my phone rang.

"ITS THE POLICE!"I shouted."Hello"

"Hello is this Miss Cara-May Baltimore?"

"Yes this is she"

"We have located your daughter, and need permission to go and get her"

"Yes of course!"I screeched. I'm getting Lila back and a new one too . I hope she's safe.

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