That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


16. A Larry Stylinson Day and a little surprise

Dad,Liam,Niall and Zayn still had come back...And they left yesterday they haven't answered their phones and I have another scan tomorrow."Hey Niall , please return my call's I'm getting worried!" I hung up the phone and put it next to me , a huge sigh escaped my lips."Still not answering their phones?" Harry asked walking into the room.

"Harry I'm worried about them!" I said leaning in to him as he sat next to me.

"BABY SHOPPING!" Louis shouted running to join Harry and I.

"I'm not sure if I have the money to do that Larry I'm sorry" I called them Larry as it's quicker then saying both their names.

"HAHA We are a huge boy band ,ON TOUR at this very moment and you think we are going to let you pay for the baby's shopping?" Harry asked.

"Boys' thank you for the offer but I can't take your hard earned money!"

"HA HA HA," Louis said like a robot " We are the baby's uncles and your soon to be brothers in law and you're sad , so shopping will cheer you up!" Louis said loudly.

"Fine a hour tops and no sending over £50"I said standing to get change.


"Harry no!" I said hoping he would stop.

"Nope I'm getting it!" He said walking off to the till.

"Louis!"I turned begging Louis.

"you told him you wanted a silver cross pram"

"Louis I didn't mean go by it! and I said no more then £50 but you've spent £150 and more please boy's stop!" I said .

"We now own this pram,these toys , dresses and shoe's!"

"I'll take them bake to the bus!" Louis said running off..

"HARRY STYLES! OM1D!" Some one screamed behind me. My baby bump was starting to show.

"Yeah Hi you want a photo and a autograph?" Harry asked .

"Um please" A girl ask.

"Hey sweetie what's wrong?" I asked a girl with blonde hair and green eyes was staring  at Harry from the corner.

"Um I really like that boy over there but all those girls seem to want him too" She said pushing blue framed glasses up her nose slowly.

"Come with me!" I said grabbing her wrist

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"I know we just meet but trust me!" I smiled at her and she returned it .

"HARRY !" I screamed. he hugged the last girl and ran over.

"WHAT?!" He asked startled

"The baby kicked"I smiled.

"oh I thought it was .....Hello I'm Harry styles and you are?" Harry said noticing the girl next to me.

"I'm Carter" She said shaking Harry's hand. I smiled and walked away to leave them to talk. Harry and Carter talked for 30 minutes and left to go back to the bus. I walked round town on my own for bit until I was surround by people with camera's .

"Cara what happened to Dave and his abuse?"

"Are you pregnant?"

"Is that a engagement ring?"

People shot questions at me and I couldn't get away , I was scared for me and Lila Claire. The room started to spin and then I lost it."HELLLLLLP!" I let out a blood-curdling scream.

"Cara ..Get away from here!" Suddenly I felt a hand pull me away from the crowd and pick me up in to the bridal style and start running.

"Niall!" I said burying my head in the crock  of his neck and hugged him.


I hugged Niall,Liam,Zayn and Dad while Louis put away all the things we bought.away and Harry and Carter had gone out for tea.

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"We went on a boy's day out" Liam said


"Well we went to a hotel somewhere!"

"Boys' your shows in 5!"

"Crap we're late!" Liam said running out the bus grabbing the boys'.

"WHAT ABOUT HARRY?" I called after them.


"Baby girl I'm going to bed ,I'm really tired!" Dad said and walked off.


I grabbed my stomach in agony . The bed's wet and I can't stand up. I grabbed my phone. 8:50PM 10 minutes till the boys finish. Shit I'm in labor.

"Paul ...Help I'm in labor!" I shouted down the phone.Dad's a heavy and won't hear me.

"But you not due for at lest another 8 months!" Paul replied.

"I'm 24 weeks along! Please get help Paul I'm scared!" I said tears , I'm in great pain.

"IN .........OUT.......IN" I breathed .still crying.

"HELP DADDY!please" Oh God .

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