That Boy

The only person she ever loved left her once , Cara was heartbroken but when he walks back in Cara isn't going to let him go .


1. The kiss

Cara's P.O.V

"Haha your Mummy doesn't love your Daddy" Penelope snarled . We were 7 and my parents had just split up, Penelope was a beautiful 7 year , she would brake hearts in the future. "She does" I protested . I hated thinking she didn't love him.

"And that means she doesn't love YOU" she shouted . I blinked back tears. " Leave her alone" His voice filled me ears and relief washed over me. "She hasn't done anything to you!" he came and hugged me . Penelope walked away muttering to her little clones.

"Thanks Niall" Niall was a browned hair boy with bright blue eyes and a Irish  accent .

"Any time , can I ask you something?"

"Sure Niallar"

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked . I was 7 and had loved this boy for years , I probable wasn't the first either but he liked me back .

"Of course2 I screamed "Nothing would make me happier" I hugged him tightly and for 6 years we were together.

On my 13th birthday he didn't get me present but I didn't care I had him ."Cara your mum wanted me to talk to you for her"

he began ."Ok then" I smiled .

"you're moving away to London" He said quickly.

"What?" My heart had broke .

"You're moving away to London and leaving me"Tears streamed down both our face's ."Cara before you leave" he didn't finished , instead he leaned in and kissed me passionately . "I love you Cara" I flew my arms around him.

"I love you to Niall" My perfect night , The next day I was in London and I spent 6 years grieving over the move and losing Niall but I will never forget his perfect smile or his cute Irish accent (even though I had one). I would never forget anything about him and I will always remember my first kiss.

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