Secret Admirer


1. Valentine's Day

           I awoke to my alarm going off . I shot out of bed realizing it was Valentine's Day! I was so excited! I ran to my closet to put on the outfit I had picked out weeks before.You see Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE holiday. I love the romance, secret adimerers, candy, ect...

           It was so hard for me to concentrate at school, all I kept thinking about was after lunch the school staff were going to be passing out carnations that we had orderd earlier. I so wanted to get one! I have had a crush on a certain guy for so long and I think he likes me too.

            I scarffed down my lunch, like the sooner i ate it would take me closer to English. I should have taken my time, enjoyed the lunch I packed for myself. Of course it was all either heart shaped foods or pink and red in color.

            Well enough about my food and back to my excitedness (not sure if thats a real word or not). The bell rings, lunch is over time for ENGLISH! I cant sit still. I'm tapping my pen, my foot alternating back and forth. We're supposed to be reading, but i can't, my eyes are seeing the words but I'm not comprehending any of it.

             Then, a knock on the door! Its time! My hands are sweating now, my hearts about to pound outta my chest. I look around the room to see if anyone else can hear my heart. It is so loud! They start reading names.......... "Ellie, Alli, Gunner, Kathaleen," oh come on say "Kira, please say Kira next." "Case" . . . . . .  "No"! Three more names. I can't stand it! "Kira."  Oh my  Goodness, I'm shaking so bad i dont know if I can walk up there. I managed to make it up to the front of the class room, take my flower, its red and beautiful. My face its hot!, I know it's as red as the flower I'm holding. I make it to my seat. I take a deep breath before reading who it's from. Heart still pounding, palms still sweating . . . so nervous. I open the card it says To: Kira With Love: Niall   YES!!!!! I look across the room and see him smiling back at me! My face burns hotter. I smile back :D

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